Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich have directed the Maricopa County to "preserve" the audit results for evidence, reports say.

Right Side Broadcasting Network announced the matter in Twitter on Tuesday that Brnovich have already directed the County's officials following receipt of the audit results from the Senate. RSBN said that in line with this directive, Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright actually sent the Maricopa County a notice regarding the "litigation hold" on all materials and evidence relating to the election audit.

"BREAKING: Arizona attorney general's office directs Maricopa County to preserve election evidence for investigation," RSBN announced in Twitter on Twitter.

The litigation hold is said to apply on all digital and physical information such as files, ballots, video footage, records, building access information, and equipment relating to the last elections. The hold is being implemented as part of preparations for the investigation the Attorney General's Office is conducting on the audit results.

Wright's notice imposed a mandatory compliance on all Maricopa personnel and parties involved in the election audit. Particularly, this involves "all Maricopa County employees, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, and assigns who were directly or indirectly involved in any aspect of managing the 2020 election." Wright have also announced that the office of the Attorney General is currently reviewing the materials forwarded by the Senate.

Brnovich confirmed the directives on the same day. Brnovich also disclosed that he has also requested additional documents from the state's Senate regarding the report on the audit on it. He pointed out that the results of the audit have raised "serious questions" and assured the public that he will thoroughly review it.

"This week, my office sent a letter to the Arizona Senate requesting supporting documents from the report released last week. My office also asked Maricopa County to preserve all documents and data related to the 2020 election," Brnovich said.

"The Arizona Senate's report that was released on Friday raises some serious questions regarding the 2020 election. Arizonans can be assured our office will conduct a thorough review of the information we receive," he added.

The Arizona Senate held a hearing in Phoenix last Friday regarding the results of the Maricopa County elections audit. The said probe revealed a minimum of 49,000 questionable votes and 23,000 votes that belonged to people who have already relocated. The hearing also discovered another 9,000 mail-in ballots received by Maricopa County that were later sent out. The said mail-in ballots do not include the 5,000 voters that came from other counties to vote.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann then sent a letter to Brnovich regarding the said probe's findings on the audit results and prompted him to conduct additional investigation on it. Fann included in the letter a copy of the audit report and the result of their Senate Hearing on it.

Previously, Brnovich expressed that he is prepared to make the necessary actions on the election audit results where his "legal authority" permits him. He said such an action is much deserved by Arizonans in so far as the election's integrity is concerned.

"I will take all necessary actions that are supported by the evidence and where I have legal authority. Arizonans deserve to have their votes accurately counted and protected," Brnovich said immediately after the Senate hearing.