Former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained in an interview the possible devastation that would result from President Joe Biden's weaknesses as the head of the nation.

CBN News said the interview with Pompeo discussed the domestic and foreign challenges that took place after Biden's decision to withdraw the United States military from Afghanistan. Pompeo raised the concern of Israeli leaders on increased terrorist attacks that is anticipated to affect the entire Middle East region.

"I've heard from many of the Israeli leaders, security establishment. They're very concerned. They're concerned not only about the increased terror risk, that there'll be room for Al Qaeda or for ISIS or for both to grow in the region and in Afghanistan, and that this will embolden Iran," Pompeo said.

Pompeo explained that the Israeli leaders are worrying since America's credibility has declined due to the withdrawal that caused the country to lose its own service men tragically. Pompeo pointed out that Biden's withdrawal is "interconnected" with the Chinese threat that is seen to be growing recently. He shared that he had difficulty understanding why Biden decided that way and expressed hopes that America would regain its credibility in the future.

"They're worried because they saw America execute a withdraw from Afghanistan that can only be described as a debacle. Not only did we have 13 Americans killed so tragically, but we still have Americans who are behind enemy lines," Pompeo disclosed.

"It made no sense to me, the way the Biden administration executed that withdrawal. And I think America's credibility in the world was damaged as a result of that. I pray that we're able to get that credibility back," he added.

During the interview, Pompeo also revealed that world leaders have been closely watching the behavior of American presidents and can easily identify their weakness. Pompeo stressed that this then would be to the disadvantage of American interests especially in line with the Chinese Communist Party. He elaborated that the world now knows America does not honor boundaries and the Chinese Communist Party will use this in its attempt to regain control of Taiwan.

"Leaders around the world watch how American presidents behave...They can sense American weakness, that America is not prepared to honor the red lines that it has drawn to protect America's vital interest," Pompeo highlighted.

"I think what you're seeing from the Chinese communist party is precisely what you'd see follow from that. They're going to test; they're going to push," he added. "And the first place we're seeing this test is 150+ aircraft flying into the air defense identification zone for Taiwan. I hope the American administration is prepared to do the right thing to support the people of Taiwan."

In addition to the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pompeo underscored the danger of Biden re-entering the nuclear deal with Iran and called it "unacceptable" to not only himself but to many nations in the Middle East. He said the deal would lead to a clear path of having a nuclear weapons program along with closer ties to Iran that he called "a kleptocracy, a theocracy." He projected that, if Biden pushes through with it, it will take two years to be in effect.

Pompeo also raised concerns on the effect of indoctrinating children in school with anti-America ideologies. He divulged that he has difficulty sleeping at night because children are taught things that are "disconnected from the American tradition" such as the "racist idea." He said that teaching children this ideology gives them the perception that Americans are oppressive and others are America's "victim," which is contrary to the true identity of the nation.

Pompeo underscored America's "noble founding" and reiterated the country being "the most exceptional in the history of civilization" but sadly this is something refused to be taught to children nowadays, which in turn, brings risk to the Republic.

"Because it is that grounding, it is that central understanding of our Judeo-Christian heritage that has empowered people to innovate, to create, to protect their families, to say, 'Yes, I want to sign up and I'm going to sign the set up for the US military. I'm proud to represent the United States of America," Pompeo said.