Grammy award-winning country artist Travis Tritt stated this week that he would not play at places that demand masks, testing, or evidence of COVID-19 vaccination because he considers it a "sacrifice I'm willing to make" for freedom.

As reported by The Daily Wire, Tritt said: "I'm putting my money where my mouth is and announcing that any venue or promoter mandating masks, requiring vaccinations, or pushing COVID testing protocols on my fans will not be tolerated. Any show I have booked that discriminates against concert-goers by requiring proof of vaccination, a COVID test, or a mask is being canceled immediately."

Several of the multi-platinum selling artist's upcoming concerts have been canceled, according to a press statement. These include appearances in "Muncie, Indiana; Philadelphia, Mississippi; Peoria, Illinois; and Louisville, Kentucky."

"Many people are taking a firm stand against these mandates around the country, and I wholeheartedly support that cause," the platinum-selling singer added. "I have been extremely vocal against mandates since the beginning. This is a sacrifice that I'm willing to make to stand up for the freedoms that generations of Americans have enjoyed for their entire lifetimes. There are plenty of promoters and venues around the country that appreciate fans and the freedom of choice in this great country, and those are the promoters and venues that I will be supporting."

His team is trying to reschedule unrestricted shows in these areas as soon as we can" he added, apologizing for the inconvenience. Fans may find out about upcoming concerts on Tritt's website.

Other artists, according to The Daily Wire, have also canceled concerts because of a need for evidence of COVID vaccination; however, Tritt seems to be the only musician to openly oppose the demand for fans to wear masks.

He later appeared on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight where he elaborated on his thoughts about standing up for what he believes is right.

"In spite of the fact that some people would try to label these being 'super-spreaders,' the actual numbers don't reflect that at all. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite," he said.

For him, receiving messages from disappointed admirers who had been informed about mandates or restrictions in advance, as well as those who showed up at the entrance only to be turned away, broke his heart.

He pointed out that the majority of these people had been shut out for over a year, and that now that they had a chance to attend a concert, they are being turned away.

"This is not about following science or trying to look out for the safety of the people out there," Tritt said. "This is trying to divide people. This is trying to shame people. This is trying to basically discriminate against people they don't feel are clean enough to be part of enjoying a concert like that."

Carlson noted that Tritt is one of the few musicians speaking out against unscientific health restrictions and mandates, and then asked him why he chose not to follow the mainstream narrative.

Tritt said that he comes from a hardworking, middle-class family and understands that most of the folks who attend his performances are hardworking people who take care of their families and occasionally want to have fun by attending concerts.

"To have a wonderful, wonderful career that has lasted for over 35 years in this business, and to see people that I know...that is something I felt like I had to stand up for. Freedom for all of those people to be able to go out and do what they enjoy doing and enjoy a concert without being harassed," he said.