Three pastors from Michigan were surprised to find a ten-point buck running inside their church sanctuary on Monday, which happens to be the first day of hunting season.

Not The Bee reported that Pastors Amanda Eicher, Luke Eicher, and Justin Wickey were surprised in seeing the buck inside their church's sanctuary and caught it all in film. The Eichers and Wickey are pastors of Grace Sturdis, a nondenominational church at Sturgis, Michigan that aims to "transform cities and nations" by "following Jesus together."

While MLive said the pastors uploaded the video in their Facebook page, which has already reached 44,000 views as of writing time. The video has some 2,600 shares, 603 reactions, and 183 comments. The video was originally uploaded in their YouTube account and has garnered 19,320 views.

"When Luke Eicher, Justin Wickey and Amanda Eicher arrived at the church this morning, they found signs of breaking and entering. Little did they know that a 10-point buck had come for prayer in the auditorium on opening day of gun season," Grace Sturgis said in its Facebook post.

"There was some damage to the building and our pastors are a little traumatized. But the buck left strengthened in the Lord to go face his battles," the church added.

According to MLive, Amanda saw that light was open in the auditorium and so she went in, found a broken window, and heard thumping sounds. So she called for Luke, which happened to be her husband, and Wickey. Then Luke opens the light to reveal the buck trying to find its way out of the auditorium, which happens to be their church. The three pastors then made barricades in the hallway before they started filming the video. However, the buck climbs up to the sanctuary and goes out the same window it went in the church.

The uploaded video opens with Amanda entering the door of the auditorium while holding the camera. There was already a man in a red shirt inside the auditorium, as seen in the video, which then pans to the right revealing a dear by the stairs leading to the loft of the auditorium.

Upon seeing the buck, Amanda could be heard screaming, ""Oh my word, oh my word. What is happening? That is a buck."

"No! Don't go up there! Don't go up there!" she said as the buck went up the loft. She could be heard stating how the buck got it in the auditorium, which was through the window at the foot of the stairs.

A man's voice could be heard in the video that Amanda responded to. It didn't take long for the buck to climb down the stairs and went out the window again, which ends the video.

The pastor revealed her shock in seing the buck who appeared to have cuts from the broken window. According to her, the buck didn't have any gunshot wounds. She explained, however, that there was some blood stains on the carpet. Amanda said it was a funny experience that they hope would bring "some laughs" to other people.

"I was just shocked by how high he could jump. I was amazed at how big he was," she said.

"We all need reasons to laugh, especially with the hard seasons from the past two years. I'm glad we could provide some laughs," she added.