Making a stand against the emergence of mob rule in American cities, one California pastor sees the Rittenhouse decision as "a gift from God" upon which the Church should "build on" in order to awaken more Americans from their wokeness.

To add his voice to the debate, Mario Murillo posted a blog entry on November 21 in which he discussed his opinions on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Particularly, he addressed Biden's response and the media's coverage of the story.

Biden was quoted as saying: "...the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included."

In response, this California preacher believes that Biden and the media ought to be ashamed of themselves for their outrage that an 18-year-old innocent of a crime was not sentenced to life in prison.

"Who should really be angry and concerned?" he challenged. "You and I. We should be concerned that depravity of this magnitude infests the White House. We should be angry that Joe Biden is devoted to mob rule. Our anger should be over his conscience, that has obviously been seared over with a hot iron."

"The day after the Kenosha riots, Biden referred to Rittenhouse as a 'white supremacist.' Nick Sandmann reminded us that Biden can, and should be sued for defamation of character," he added.

As for the mainstream media reporting, Murillo said that the media is similarly corrupt. To demonstrate this, he included a screenshot of a news item stating incorrectly that Kyle Rittenhouse "killed three black men." The claim was fact-checked and addressed by Breitbart here.

"The media completely made that up," he said. "And they can make this up because they are not just biased, they want a race war."

Additionally, he noted that while the trial was ongoing, the most often aired news crawl at the bottom said that Kyle Rittenhouse "Shot Protestors," not rioters or criminals. Murillo believes this is unjust because the news broadcast omitted the fact that Rittenhouse was being pursued by an offender who is supposed to be barred from carrying a weapon under California law. The offender had a pistol aimed at Rittenhouse's head when the latter used his God-given right to self-defense.

Those technicalities aside, Murillo went on to explain why Democrats and the media are so enraged by this verdict. That's because the "mob" is a vital part of the Democratic Party's militant apparatus. He claimed that the mob was financed by globalist billionaires who despise the United States, including George Soros. BLM, Antifa, and the mob are also aligned with the White House's interests. Thus, to further perpetuate America's lawlessness, "mob rule" has become an important component of their scheme.

"What you need to realize," Murillo argued, "is that they are after you, your property and your children. Their goal is complete control, unchecked power, and the destruction of this nation."

Murillo has also no qualms with slamming "woke" Christians and churches.

"Instead of a hug and a pat on the head, drowsy, lukewarm churches need a swift kick," he said.

Nevertheless, the Rittenhouse ruling, he said, is a "gift from God" and a "breakthrough" the Church may build on.

"It shows that America-the real America-is ready to listen to voices of reason and righteousness," he stressed. "It is time to realize truth! The left could not cancel Kyle Rittenhouse. They also cannot cancel the counsel of God or the covenant of God over our nation. The church cannot be cancelled. Truth cannot be cancelled. It is our turn to see justice prevail for the Glory of God!"