A minister warned Christians against limiting God and putting Him in a box, and shared about a revelation that the LORD is ready to unleash His power to the Church.

In her article on Charisma Magazine, Lois Flewelling, president of Empowering Life Center, disclosed that God showed her a vision while preparing for her podcast.

"In the vision, I was standing in a large room with boxes lined up against a wall. Each box had a lid that could have been easily removed; yet they remained inside the building unopened. Occasionally, someone would find their box, dig around for what they needed, put the lid back on and place the box back in its proper place. The boxes were stored in order, neatly arranged according to size," she stated.

Then, Flewelling said that the LORD spoke to her of how people keep Him in a box. She observed that most of the boxes were small with various contents. They were either filled with Scripture with no power, full of rules, limitations and laws or contain the word "saved." Though all the boxes hold hopes and dreams, they rarely got fulfilled simply because they were not released from the box. She also saw boxes carrying gifts and anointings.

Afterwards, she saw that the boxes were toppled by a combination of the sound of a tornado and shaking of an earthquake.

"A powerful wind entered the room, flinging the boxes into even more disarray. I watched as covers no longer fit upon the boxes. People were in chaos as they struggled to place the boxes back into order. Yet some grabbed their boxes and excitedly ran out the room," she added.

In conclusion, Flewelling shared about God's message to Christians. She also encouraged the believers to remove the covers of their "boxes" and start living in God's power.

"I heard the Lord exclaim, 'It is time to unleash My power!' Church, it is time to remove those lids that prevent us from walking in the power of the Lord. Grab your box full of gifts and anointing. Get excited about what the Lord will do in your life," the author stated.

Flewelling also tackled the topic through her podcast titled, "God's Power Unleashed." In the episode, she urged the believers to recall about the LORD's wonderful works in the Bible, showing His power.

She then enumerated these miracles, including the birth of Isaac despite Sarah's old age, Moses' parting of the Red Sea, provision of manna for the Israelites while they were in the wilderness, the fall of Jericho's wall, the time the sun stood still when Joshua fought against the Amorites, flowing oil from the widow's small vessel which enabled her to get through the famine, healing of many people when Jesus came to the world, Peter's walk on water and the raising of Lazarus back to life, as well as Jesus Christ's Resurrection from the dead.

She emphasized that the power that worked on those people is the same power that is at work in the lives of Christians today. Further, she challenged the believers to follow God's leading regardless of His instructions.

Flewelling is the founder of The Gathering, a church in Maine. She is also a licensed counselor and runs her own counseling business.