While the Florida Capitol Rotunda welcomes uncommon holiday displays each year, a weird scenario that shows the madness America is currently facing at the moment has appeared: a placard of NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci wearing a costume like that of the fictional Santa Claus.

Charisma News reported that the placard, known as "Fauci Claus," was a large poster depicting the prominent and controversial immunologist dressed in a red coat and Santa hat.

"Fauci Claus" has a companion in the form of "The Grim Carlson," a cardboard cutout of Fox News' Tucker Carlson decked out in costume that is plainly linked to the deathly and evil Grim Reaper - seemingly hinting that Fauci, though proven to have lied about COVID, is good while Carlson has been demonized as someone who advocates death, simply because he contradicts the narrative.

According to WCTV, the cardboard caricature of the Fauci with a Festivus Pole was created by a group calling themselves "Mount Jab Church, Holy Church of the Vaccinated." The source said that the one-day show on Monday was the latest prank by Chaz Stevens of Deerfield Beach, an activist who is concerned with issues such as human rights and the separation of religion and state.

"Fauci Claus is our way of thanking the good Doc for keeping countless people worldwide alive during the pandemic," Stevens said via email to WCTV. "I'm here talking to you, likely because of Dr. Fauci."

But the outrageous displays aren't only aimed at Florida. According to Stevens, a similar cutout has been sent to a Florida lawmaker, one to the National Institutes of Health, and one to Fox News. Furthermore, he intends on expanding into Idaho and Georgia.

In fact, there's a claim on the Mount Jab Church website that the exhibit will soon be in the "halls of Congress."

The self-proclaimed atheist activist also pushed back against those opposed to the COVID-19 vaccine on his website, and even went as far as to say what they are doing what is "biblically satanic."

"As atheists, it's amusing to hear suggestions that somehow the vaccinated are 'not real Christians,'" one statement reads. "This 'faith' dogma, this cult-like belief in not getting the jab, is biblically satanic."

WCTV added that in 2013, in reaction to the state capitol's nativity scene, Stevens began his non-traditional displays in the rotunda, erecting a Festivus pole constructed of beer cans. Since then, he's put up rainbow Festivus poles in the state capitols of a number of additional states.

 After leaving the computer industry, Stevens now describes himself as the 'archbishop' of Mount Jab Church. He's also the CEO of ESAD International, which reportedly offers "emotional support animal-related services" across the world.

For the Florida Capitol Rotunda, Faithwire reported that it has often been the site of dispute when it comes to Christmas decorations.

One major cause of chaos was the Satanic Temple's cardboard exhibit in 2013, which featured an angel falling into hell. Rotunda leaders first objected to its inclusion, but eventually succumbed since it is a public forum - a venue housed inside a public institution and must thus allow diverse ideas and values.

Similar displays were soon put up by atheists and others who advocated for the separation of religion and state.

"This is about the separation of religion and state," Stevens said to NPR in 2013. "The government should not be involved in this business of mixing religion and state."