Those who believe in God are subjected to both collective and individual persecution, and it is happening in different aspects —including social media— and Christians should be prepared for it.

In line with this, Gab CEO Andrew Torba has issued a warning to Christians about Twitter's purging of users and what they can do about it.

It has been reported that on December 6, Twitter blocked hundreds of accounts belonging to Christians in its latest effort to rid the site of dissenting opinions. With thousands of new users signing up every hour, witnessed an increase in traffic as a consequence.

"While this is great news for the Gab community, it's not great news for Christians. In fact, it's a sign of what is soon to come, which will be much worse than losing your Twitter account," Torba wrote on his December 12 blog.

According to him, the latest purge on Twitter targeted young white Christian guys in particular. One tweet drove hundreds of young Christians to leave Twitter, which is now the world's most popular forum for Christians to communicate. This means they can no longer proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people all over the world on a platform that is often utilized by many people.

However, that's only the surface of what Christians confront, and Torba is concerned about it.

"I've been trying to help Christians see the bigger picture for a long time about the reality of our situation. As I've already written the time for lukewarm Christianity is over. We must prepare ourselves for the inevitable persecution that is to come. We must not fear for we have a sovereign God who is in control. He has blessed us with the gifts to create, to build, and to reform," he noted.

Torba went on to highlight the consequences of permitting the excesses of tech elites in their deliberate attacks against people of faith.

"If these demons in Silicon Valley have their way the only context that the name 'Jesus Christ' will appear on the internet is to be mocked or scorned, just like He is in the rest of "popular culture," he said. "We can't let that happen. We can't let our brothers and sisters be persecuted, silenced, demonized, and destroyed by these wicked people. Especially not our young people who are the future of Christendom."

Torba knows what it's like to be cut off from the tech community, and he believes that what happened on Twitter is simply the beginning of a larger trend. In the near future, Christians will no longer have the ability to create a bank account, host a website, send emails, access app stores, or conduct transactions on either the digital world or the real world. They will also be unable to acquire a job or travel in an aircraft.

"This is coming for us all, and it's already happening to many of us right now," said Torba.

It's for this reason that Torba and his crew are even more driven than before to construct long-term infrastructure that brings honor to God.

"I know for certain that the one thing the Oligarch Regime fears is Jesus Christ," he said. "He is the only one who can stop them. Not any politician. Not some billionaire. Not me. Only Jesus."

"We can, must, and will lay the foundation of a new civilization, an unapologetically Christian civilization. A parallel Christian economy. Christ is our King right now and it's about time that we start acting like it. We need to stop sitting around moping and being stepped on by the Enemy," he added.

Torba encouraged Christians that despite the daunting task ahead, God has provided them with the resources and abilities they need to "make disciples of all nations in the name of Jesus." He added that if the devil had a monopoly on the media, banks, governments, IT businesses, and others, this would not materialize.

"We must not only drive the moneychangers out of the systems of control in our society, rebuke them, scorn them, and flip over their tables," he said. "We must also build new systems and infrastructure to form a parallel Christian society that glorifies King Jesus forever and ever amen."