Christian CEO On Zuckerberg's Metaverse: Keep Kids Out Of The Enemy's Virtual Worlds

little girl using VR goggles

An Evangelical Christian businessman and technologist warned that the "tech oligarchs" are all building a new system of enslavement and control called the "metaverse."

Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, gave an explanation of how Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse is planned to function. People will be able to work, play, and live in the metaverse as it's a virtual environment that is fully immersive. Assuming this is the case, the idea is that users would don headsets and disappear entirely into another world of "reality."

Because of Zuckerberg's dedication to realizing this goal, the parent corporation of Facebook, now known as "Meta," has had its whole purpose re-branded.

During an event in Boston, Disney CEO Bob Chapek called Zuckerber's metaverse "the future," the Boston Herald reported. This Disney fanatic's mouth is foaming at the thought of children being continually tethered to a Disney "reality," Torba added.

"The satanic globalist elite envision a future where all of us are plugged into their Matrix that they control all day long," said Torba. "When this happens they can control our minds even more than they do today through their social engineering that goes on in our news feeds and on our television screens. They will determine what 'reality' is."

"This of course is all part of their much bigger vision for transhumanism," Torba added. "While we are all distracted and sucked into their virtual world for all hours of the day, they will be working hard in the real world to ascend beyond humanity and become 'gods.'"

Torba, on the other hand, is certain that the oligarchs will fail. Even yet, they're not going to stop trying to enslave and extort the last free thinkers. Thus, Torba said that Christians must reflect and begin thinking about these issues now in order to have a strategy in place when these virtual worlds begin to appear.

"We must prevent our children from participating in the Enemy's virtual worlds at all costs," he said.

"We must build our own parallel virtual worlds using the technology for the glory of God and developed with a moral framework that is grounded in the Word of God," he stressed, adding that "We must prepare to send virtual missionaries into enemy worlds to spread the Gospel and the Truth of God's Word."

Instead of being afraid of emerging technologies like Zuckerberg's metaverse, Torba encouraged people to embrace them early and wholeheartedly so that Christains may establish an early stronghold in it for the Lord.

He pointed out the fact that children and grandchildren, who are the elites' primary market, would eventually begin to show an interest in these virtual worlds.

"They want our children. This isn't news. The metaverse is just their latest iteration and angle of attack for accomplishing that," he said.

Torba, on the other hand, urged Christians to be prepared to give God-honoring options in response. He likened the virtual war againts oligarchs to infiltrating the territory of an enemy team.

"God is allowing this technology to be built during our lifetimes for a reason," he explained. "We must learn, adapt, build, and strategize for how we will use it to bring glory to His name and advance His Kingdom."