Golden State Warriors Point Guard Superstar Stephen "Steph" Curry called himself "blessed for sure" after breaking the three-point record of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in a winning game against the New York Knicks at the Madison Square Garden in New York on Tuesday.

The Christian Headlines said Curry's record-breaking 3-point shot surpassed the record of Ray Allen who accumulated 2,973 points in over 1,300 games. Allen previously broke the record of Reggie Miller who kept a total of 2,560 3-pointers for 1,389 games. Curry's 3-pointers totaled 2,974 in a matter of only 789 games.

Curry, a father of three, also broke the record in so far as his style of the game is concerned over his career of 12-years. SI highlighted that Curry redefined how 3-point shots are now used in basketball "as a weapon" that is essential to every game. Curry disclosed to SI that making 3-point shots was really fun for him and he understands how he has drastically changed basketball because of his style in playing.

"You see how many guys are shooting, or the volume of threes that are getting taken in a game, the way that teams are being constructed to use the three ball as a weapon. So I definitely understand it. I don't know how you quantify it. But it's moreso just the feeling of, it's a fun way to play the game, but you got to put the work in. And hopefully I can stand alone, with the body of work, when it's all said and done. But definitely understand that things have changed drastically, and I have a lot to do with that," Curry divulged.

In terms of 3-point shooting percentage, Curry ranked higher at 40% that of Allen's and 39.5% of Miller's at 43.1. ESPN said Curry is also the record holder for having made at least nine 3-point goals for 37 games that he has played so far. He surpassed James Harden and Damian Lillard who have only done so for nine times.

Curry expressed appreciation of his accomplishment during the game's news conference, where he also disclosed his goals to make himself "untouchable."

"This is very special. I've been thinking about this number for a long time. I even got [the number] on my shoes. In basketball history, this is pretty special," Curry said.

"Hopefully, I can push it to a point that's untouchable," he added.

Curry then cited Allen and Miller who were present during the game and took photos with him after his win. He revealed that the two have been an inspiration to him while growing up and appreciated being with them on such a special occasion.

"These two legends--I watched them growing up and understood what it meant to shoot the ball because of them and my dad. (It's a) full-circle moment. I'm blessed--blessed for sure," Curry exclaimed.

Taking his joy to Twitter for making a historical feat, Curry uploaded a video clip where he thanked all the people who reached out to him and sent him love. Curry similarly thanked Allan and Miller for their influence in his life.

"Dream come true. In the Garden too Raising hands. Thank you everybody for reaching out and showing love. This means so much to me and my family. #dubnation been with it since Day 1. 2974 and counting...........longevity, accuracy, volume, range #CrazyFaith," Curry posted.

"I just want to say thank y'all so much for the support, the love, the energy for last night. I woke up feeling really special this morning and I can't thank you all enough for just being there throughout this journey," he said in the video.

Curry, who co-founded Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation -an organization primarily dedicated to help end childhood hunger- with his wife Ayesha, is known to be public on his Christian faith as he often points heavenward whenever he scores in a game. He also previously posted in social media on his joy for being able to celebrate Easter in the height of the pandemic last year, as well as, quoting verses from the Scriptures.