Canadian singer Justin Bieber on Christmas Day shared a message about how people must let God "love" them and remind them of their identity this Christmas. The 27-year-old took to Instagram to share his Christmas message, in which he talked about Jesus' life.

"My Christmas wish is for whoever is reading this to stop and let God love you," Bieber wrote in a post published on Christmas Day. "Allow him to remind you of who you are this Christmas."

According to Faithwire, Bieber urged people to celebrate Jesus' life and mission. The singer wrote, "Today, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We celebrate his life but let's also celebrate his death, burial, and resurrection."

Bieber reflected on Jesus' "sacrificial life" and "sacrificial death," after which the Savior "rose from the dead, defeating death once and for all so that you and I can truly live for eternity."


Bieber has long been vocal about his Christian faith. In fact, his wife Hailey Baldwin shared to Billboard in June that if it weren't for their Christian faith, they "wouldn't even be together." She admitted that Bieber's Christian faith is "the biggest thing" that grounds their relationship.

This holiday season, Bieber has a lot to be thankful for, as he recently became the first artist in Spotify to achieve over 90 million monthly listeners, NME reported. He even surpassed other pop superstars such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande.

But aside from pursuing a musical career, Bieber is also actively engaging with his Christian fans online and through the media. He often uses social media and press interviews to talk about his faith in Jesus Christ.

In a GQ interview earlier this year, Bieber talked about how Jesus "[picks] us back up every single time...we mess up." He shared that while he is aware of his mistakes, he refuses to dwell on it or "sit in shame" over it. Instead, his mistakes makes him "want to do better."

Bieber and Baldwin also made headlines in the Christian community when they decided to get baptized together in 2020. At the time, the singer took to social media to share, "This was one of the most special moments of my life. Confessing our love and trust in Jesus publicly with our friends and family."

Bieber credits Judah Smith of Churchome for guiding him throughout his darkest years. And when he was ready to seek guidance, Smith was there to provide it. The singer said that because he had a broken family, he was attracted to Smith's wholesome family that offered a "sense of belonging, of care, of stability."

Bieber has attended different churches throughout his life, including Hillsong, which was formerly led by the disgraced pastor Carl Lentz. The singer said he witnessed firsthand how faith can easily transform into "another kind of celebrity worship," especially when "so many pastors put themselves on this pedestal" because the pastor "has this ultimate relationship with God that we all want."

But Bieber argued, "The reality is, every human being has the same access to God."