The Bible states that faith is essential for Christians to please God. But how do believers strengthen this divine character? In order to help them with this, a minister shared the ways on how to live with extraordinary faith.

"A lifestyle of faith allows for the possibility that every word and promise God has ever given to humanity can find fulfillment through faith in God," Abner Suarez, an ordained minister at Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and president of For Such a Time as This, Inc., declared on Charisma Magazine.

He then provided the four keys of having a supernatural faith.

First, surrendering daily to God.

Suarez said that God has a "divine design" for every individual's life but a person will not be able to fully fulfill this purpose unless he surrenders his life to the LORD. Surrendering to God, he added, leads one into "walking in the power of God's faith."

With His goodness, the LORD intends mankind to repent from his sins. However, the enemy, through its lies, tries to keep people from discovering the true nature and beauty of God.

Next, fellowship with God.

"Faith begins with the call to build our lives on the Great Commandment," the minister stressed, citing Matthew 22:37-38.

"Jesus designated the call to know God as 'the first and great commandment' because it would define our existence for eternity," he continued.

Further, he stated that loving God with "whole heart" means walking and talking with Him, as well as hearing the "deep things" that the Father wanted to reveal to His people.

Third, hearing God's Word.

Suarez said that Jesus communicated the message of His kingdom by teaching the Word of God. In John 6:63b, Christ told his disciples that the "words" He spoke to them are "spirit" and "life." Thus the essence of hearing the Word of God in order to strengthen the Christian faith, as Paul also wrote in Romans 10:17.

"Hearing the Word of God comes as a byproduct of a life of fellowship and communion with God," the minister went on.

He shared that the LORD blesses "divinely chosen men and women" in the church with spiritual gifts so they can equip the believers. Hence, he pointed out the significance of being a part of a church in order for people to continuously hear the Word of God. This will enable them to increase in faith and grow in maturity.

Finally, obedience.

Suarez noted that God wants people to "respond in quick obedience" upon hearing and receiving His Word. This obedience may require them to do something which they think is beyond possibility but the LORD wanted them to realize that faith in Him will enable them to do the impossible.

The minister shared that the example of this is when Jesus empowered the disciples to cast out demons, cure the sick and preach the kingdom of God, as stated in Luke 9:1-3. These individuals are only ordinary ones but were able to perform miracles just because of their only qualification - calling of God. Their mission became a "beautiful walk of faith" since they were also commanded of not bringing anything to sustain their personal needs.

Like the disciples who are "flawed men" who only "obeyed God" and were able expand the ministry of Jesus during their time, the minister emphasized that the LORD also fulfills His purpose today through weak people who choose to obey and trust Him.

"Our trust in God allows us to reproduce the ministry of Jesus on the earth through our individual assignments-His cornerstone goal for our lives," Suarez concluded.