In a YouTube video dated January 27, Christian singer and apologist Alisa Childers raised the reality that the supposedly Christian film "Redeeming Love" is "not what the Book of Hosea" is about due to the sex scenes it contains.

The Christian Headlines said that the film, rated PG-13, includes two scenes wherein the two lead characters are shown twice in bedroom scenes with partial nudity after they were married. The film also contains various scenes and forms of violence.

Childers, whose video is aptly titled, "Here's Why I am NOT going to see Redeeming Love," revealed being approached by women asking about the movie's appropriateness for Christians to be seen due to its sex scenes. Childers said that she was up all night wrestling on the topic and waiting for God to respond.

"And the phrase that kept coming to my mind was, 'Snap out of it.' Christian women, snap out of it. Read your Bible. If you want to know what Hosea is about, (then) study Hosea. What's enticing you that you want to see this movie?" Childers shared.

Childers then quoted Matthew 5:28 to point out the sin of lust, which occurs even "when you look at someone." She raised that watching the movie will only invoke this in a person's heart considering how the sex scenes were presented.

"Now, I want you to ask yourself as you're thinking about whether or not to see this movie: What response is this going to provoke in you? You're watching a movie where there's this long, drawn-out, story of love, redemption, (and) there's sexual tension under the whole thing. And then it culminates into a lengthy and perfectly curated scene with perfect lights and music," Childers said.

"And I just want to ask you: Is that going to cause you to fall on your face before God in repentance? Is it going to cause you to fall down before Him in worship and thankfulness for His redemption?...I don't think that's the response it's going to provoke in me. I don't think I need to see that," she continued.

Childers explained that she is not being "fuddy-duddy about sex" but just reminding everyone of the sacredness of sex, which is a gift from God, that it should not be "portrayed on screen."

"This is not me putting on my goody two shoes and waving my finger and saying, 'Get off my lawn kids.'...God is the inventor of sex. And He gave it to us as a gift. It is meant to be enjoyed. It has a purpose that is beautiful and lovely. It bonds two people together as one flesh for a lifetime. It is for procreation, for pleasure, for intimacy," Childers emphasized.

"There are so many wonderful things about God giving us the gift of sex, but it's meant to be between a man and a woman in the covenant of marriage. And the question is: Is watching the most intimately sacred and private act being portrayed on a screen--is that going to draw you to Christ?" She posited.

Childers' video debunking "Redeeming Love" came days after Christian author and theologian Phylicia Masonheimer warned that the movie may be a "stumbling block" to those having issues with sexual lust and pornography due to its sexual content.

Childers, on the other hand, stressed that the movie, at least based on the book's story, is totally different from what the book of Hosea is about.

"I'm choosing to not go see it. And I'm going to be over here reading my Bible. I'm going to read Hosea," Childers declared.

Watch Alisa Childers explain in detail why "Redeeming Love" is not about what the book of Hosea is about, why it presents a Gospel that's different from what the Bible actually teaches, and why it's better to simply read the actual book of Hosea instead of watching the film.