A noted minister shared that God wants His people to surrender everything to Him because He cares.

In his article on The Christian Post, Dr. David Jeremiah, senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in California, encouraged the people to give their worries and anxieties to the LORD.

He reminded about God's invitation in 1 Peter 5:7, wherein He encouraged the believers to cast all their burdens to Him.

The minister clarified that in the passage, God was not asking the people to give Him "some or many" of their burdens, but all of those. He then explained the significance of the word "all," saying that this three-letter word negates the "limits in its scope" and "cutoff points in its application."

"All includes the great and the small, the major and the minor adversities we face. The same Lord who handles our bigger problems is intimately concerned about our smaller ones. This is a precious personal promise we can discover in times of adversity," he added.

He went on to say that the LORD is a "God of the details," pointing out that while He created the giant Sequoia trees, He also made the smallest flowering plant, Wolffia. In the same manner, the LORD formed the galaxies, as well as "the tiny atom" with all its particles.

"To Him, no problem is large because He is all-powerful and no problem is small because He is all-loving," Pastor Jeremiah emphasized.

He then recalled God's response to the temple builders, who were discouraged about the size of the temple they were building compared to the original one, in Zechariah 4:10. The pastor explained that the LORD warned them against despising "the day of small things," adding that their work and significance were not small for Him.

"If you feel your life is small and your work and influence is insignificant, remember that God delights in small things, and the word 'all' in 1 Peter 5:7 includes His concerns about the small problems that vex us," the minister further stated.

Pastor Jeremiah cautioned that "small problems can also grow into bigger ones." Thus the LORD's desire to help people with their "smaller concerns of life."

"They add weight to our hearts and, if unattended, they can grow into bigger issues quickly," he added.

Moreover, he shared about a statement in an old devotional book. In the book, the writer urged the people to refrain from being anxious over small things. Instead, they must commit themselves to God, noting His sovereignty over everything, richness of provision, and attention to the details of His creations.

The minister stressed that people will learn to trust the LORD with larger things once they start trusting Him with the smaller ones, citing the words of the late evangelist Bill Bright.

"As we learn to trust God in small things, our faith grows until we are able to trust Him in greater things," Bright stated.

"So cast all your cares on Him, because there is no one else who can truly handle them all, big and small," Pastor Jeremiah concluded.