A minister criticized the rise of deconstruction, as well as the silence of Christian leaders towards the evil philosophical movement

"...the number one problem we have when we speak about America is not the loud proponent of lies. The number one problem we have in America are the silent prophets of truth. In other words, when pastors stand up on Sunday mornings and preach the truth, then this nation will be saved," Rev. Samuel Rodriguez stated.

In his sermon titled "Terrific Tension," reported by The Christian Post, Rodriguez, pastor of New Season Worship church in Sacramento, tackled the rise of deconstruction by underscoring the unchanging character of the One True God.

The minister began by challenging the church to be expectant of God's miracles as Jesus did with the water that He turned into wine at a wedding in Cana.

"He is not just the God of the process, He is the process," he said, addressing the "tension of change."

"The God that never changes has the power to change everything," Rodriguez added, citing the story Jesus' first miracle in John 2.

Remembering the passage in Malachi 3:6, the pastor pointed out that though everything in the world constantly changes, "God never changes."

"I am the LORD, I do not change," the verse says.

He then denounced the influential figures, whom he said are "driven" by the "enemy of light," who act like they have the power to "make radical changes."

He emphasized that while the church believes in change, the "global movement of change that is out of alignment with the Word and the will of God" is the problem in the society today.

Rodriguez explained that this refers to the "powerful forces" which aim to change "whatever they want," including "the truths, definitions, institutions and realities ordained, anointed and established by God almighty." Thus the emergence of "deconstructionism, anarchy, chaos and relativism."

He said that the "antidote" for these evil movements lies in the constant nature of God, as stated in Hebrews 13:8.

"Jesus never changes. You can't change Jesus," he continued.

Further, the minister stressed that the Word of God does not change as well.

He went on to share about the faith of Mary when she asked Jesus to turn the water into wine. Despite His declaration that it was not yet time to show His glory to others, Jesus granted his mother's request out of her "spirit of expectancy."

Like Mary, Rodriguez urged the people to believe that Jesus will "show up and do something amazing."

"It's not about the time, it's about the need. When the need becomes desperate, time is no longer the primary motivator. God's timing will never be a lid on His children's needs," he continued.

The pastor highlighted that the blessings of God are not dependent on time but on a person's "spirit of expectancy."

 Moreover, he encouraged his audiences, who are "desperate enough," to believe that God will do wonderful things in their lives, reminding them of the LORD's promise in Jeremiah 33:3.

"Rise up with the spirit just like Mary, a spirit of expectancy," Rodriguez declared.