Tim Tebow shared about the joy and challenges of marriage as he and his wife, Demi-Leigh Tebow, continue to learn about each other.

In his interview on People, Tim revealed that they were able to reconcile their differences by learning to compromise.

"... I'm not a good cook. But that's actually something that is important in Afrikaans culture. It's called braai, and it's like barbecuing. All her family can braai and it's so good. And they give me such a hard time about it - it's almost like I'm not really a real man because I can't braai. So I've learned a little bit about how to cook - but it's mostly to surprise her with breakfast in bed," he stated.

Further, the former athlete learned to consider Demi-Leigh's behavior which contrasts his very active personality. His wife only had one sister, who was "nonverbal" and has already passed away. While Tim has a large family with four siblings.

The temperature of the room is also an issue for them, but they were able to fix it by having Demi-Leigh sleeping with more pillows and blankets.

Despite the differences, Tim pointed out that their marriage remains a happy and fulfilling one.

"Dating Demi was great. Engagement was better. And being married is even better than that," he declared.

"There have been so many opportunities to learn and grow, which has been so cool. There have been so many things we've gotten to do together. We've gotten to find the things we have in common, but also to find where we're different. We've served together, which is the most fulfilling thing. A lot of that has been through my foundation," he added.

The couple was engaged in 2019, which Tim documented in his book, "Mission Possible: Go Create a Life that Counts."

In a statement to People, the former athlete said in 2017 that he was looking for someone who loves God, has a good heart, kind and caring about "people who can't do anything for them in return."

In 2019 when he spoke about the engagement, Tim told the media outlet that Demi-Leigh is exactly the woman he has been looking for, adding that he felt blessed to have her by his side for the rest of his life.

The pair got married the following year in South Africa. The wedding was officiated by Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church in Atlanta.

Demi-Leigh disclosed to The Knot that they met at a charity event in 2018, when her late sister, Franje, was invited to "Night to Shine," an event organized by Tim's foundation. Franje was suffering from cerebellar agenesis, a condition that affects the brain.

The 2017 Miss Universe winner unveiled that alongside their heart for people with special needs, they also bonded over their faith in God.

Demi-Leigh now joins her husband in the Tim Tebow Foundation. In addition to caring for the sick, orphans and individuals with special needs, the organization also launched the Rescue Team, a program that helps the victims of human trafficking.