Christian Actress Candace Cameron Bure posted to social media on Wednesday to reveal that her home had been besieged by a dark presence, which was impacting her family.

Bure claimed that for days, everyone in her home had been acting strangely. She said in her Facebook Video that her house was usually peaceful and happy. However, she noticed everyone's been irritable, including her.

She noted that three days had passed, then she realized, "Oh, there's a spirit of irritability, there's a spirit of crankiness, there's a spirit of confusion, Oh, the enemy's attacking." The 46-year-old said it's easy to "simply blame one another" for our problems while the devil is on the loose.

She reminded Christians that every single day, there is a very real and powerful opponent at work, and that enemy is the devil. She emphasized the reality of the enemy, she said "but in my house, the devil has no power or authority."

"Jesus has all authority, all power in my home, and He reigns in my home," Bure continued. She called upon the Holy Spirit, praying out any evil spirits that are in there. She also put on her worship music, letting it fills her home with Scripture and God's Word, God's power, and God's truth. She kept reminding and declaring Jesus' sovereignty in her life.

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Using Her Platform To Encourage Others

She shared the video in the hopes of helping those who are going through a difficult period and aren't sure why. People might not always notice it, yet she encouraged her viewers to remain vigilant.

Bure's video was shared and commented on by thousands of admirers, with many applauding her for being so open. One admirer expressed her gratitude and thanked Bure for the much-needed words of support. She added, "May Jesus Christ bless you."

Another follower who expressed gratitude stated she needed to hear Bure's remarks since they were both uplifting and useful. She also hoped Bure to be blessed.

One person stated that she will be praying for Bure's family as well as the rest of them. She expressed gratitude for her publishing and sharing, saying that God is still in control. She stated that the name of Jesus still possesses full power.

On her website, she said she's been grateful for all of those opportunities and titles that she had, but believed the one that has had the most impact on her life her being a Christian. She wrote, "I am a Christian lady who loves Jesus and desires to give Him honor above all else."

Bure had been outspoken about her Christianity for a long time. She talked about how her faith helped her get through the worst times of her life during the early days of the pandemic. She stated that her faith in Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of who she is, promising to stay in God's word, the Bible, and to be comforted by truth and the hope that God provides for all people.

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