A pair of Christian siblings and celebrities recently opened out about the differences between experiencing joy and happiness.

Kirk Cameron had a very special guest on his series "Takeaways" this week, as it was his very own sister, Candace Cameron Bure sat on the couch and opened up about the differences of feeling joy and happiness through Jesus Christ. The Christian brother and sister, who have been vocal about their Christian faith, discussed the contrast of joy and happiness and how real-life situations affect how people understand these emotions.

"I think it's good to define the difference between joy and happiness," Bure, who is 46 and is a mother to three children, explained to her brother, as per CBN News. "Joy is a goodness that comes from inside you, that sustains you when your circumstances around you are tough, are bad, when there are unhappy circumstances. Happiness is conditionally based."

Bure explained that happiness can be caused by "external things" that can easily change at any moment. Joy, on the other hand, is "never dependent upon my circumstances" and is an emotion that can stay inside a person despite any unhappy things happening around a person. The "Full House" actress added that her relationship with God helps her stay focused on what really matters.

"The joy that I have as a believer and a Christian comes from God. It's knowing that I am at peace with Him, I'm justified before Him, He walks with me, His spirit is upon me," Bure told Cameron. "It's knowing my future that's in Heaven. It's having an eternal perspective. That's where I find my joy when my circumstances are difficult."

While Cameron agreed that joy is "a fruit of the Holy Spirit," he inquired further on where people could find it. Bure noted that joy "comes from salvation in Jesus Christ," which people acquire "from the Holy Spirit" and "by reading the Bible." The actress pointed out the importance of spending time with God's word on a daily basis, "to renew our minds, renew our spirits, to encourage us, to keep reminding ourself of God's truth."

Bure added that spending time with God's word through the Bible will disallow the world from telling them "what it thinks is the truth," as external things are always "ever-changing." But, the actress pointed out, "God never changes."

The "Full House" actress also encouraged those who are still struggling to find true joy or happiness to seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit and seek out their church community as well. Bure highlighted the importance of being "Heavenly-minded and focused" and the "great value in community and friendships and the Body of Christ." In times of doubt, she said it was important to help each other out through the community.

Bure concluded, "Praying should never be a last resort, ever. It should be the start."

In pursuit of her own happiness, Bure is set to lead GAC Media in an executive role, the Christian Post reported. Her new role with the company will allow her to produce and star in faith and family-friendly content. The move was the result of her leaving the Hallmark channel, in which she earned the title of "Hallmark Christmas movie queen."