Multi-platinum recording artist Taya Smith-Gaukrodger gears up to release her self-titled solo album, after a delay due to the pandemic and despite numerous controversies surrounding Hillsong Church where she rose to fame as a member of Hillsong United and Hillsong Worship.

The singer complemented her Hillsong United church family for preparing her for this time of independence, The Christian Post reported. Joel Houston, the lead vocalist of United and the son of former Hillsong Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston, was the first to encourage her to produce her album five years ago, she claimed.

She said it was a "new thing" for her to create a solo album. So, she considered it a joy to have 14 older "brothers" on the worship team, who helped her learn how to steward songs and gather wisdom. She was encouraged by them to push through her calling on songwriting. Taya stated she wouldn't have had the bravery to release an album on her own if it hadn't been for Houston's help.

Worshipping God Through Songwriting

"It's so silly, the girl who's known for her voice just struggled to raise it in a songwriting session," she said. She understood her timidity was faux meekness, which is a form of pride, after hearing a message from a fellow church member whom she warmly refers to as a brother.

It's a pride for her since she isn't willing to put herself out there. However, she realized it was worth it even if God was the only person who would eventually hear the songs because He's worthy, she said. She was timid for nothing, as she noted that there is no such thing as squandered worship because God is glorified throughout. Even though she was known for her voice and exuded confidence, she knew this was something she was meant to be doing.

Taya shared one of her favorite verses that can be found in Romans 12, stating "Given God's mercy, take your everyday eating, sleeping, walking around, ordinary life and place it before God as an offering. That's your true and proper worship."

According to the singer, she wanted to use her God-given talent for writing to worship the Lord. She explained that she hasn't been a good steward of that talent, that's why she's pursuing it now.

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God's Perfect Timing

The artist's record was supposed to be released in 2020, however, it was pushed back because of the COVID-19 epidemic. She claimed that the wait allowed her to find her voice in a less invasive environment. She regarded this opportunity as God's perfect timing.

In her one-bedroom apartment, the singer said she wrote songs on the piano her husband gave her as a gift while clad in sweatpants. She learned how to properly co-write and finish a song there. She also expressed her views and described it as "a new experience."

The artist moved to Sydney at the age of 21 to pursue a career as a professional recording artist but had no idea how to do so again. She worked in retail before joining Hillsong United, a local church where she participated in youth ministry and then as a worship artist.

She hadn't composed new songs in seven years before her new solo album. The word 'honey' was given to the vocalist by God to aid her in her creative process. She knew these songs would be "sweet, pleasant, and simple to digest" like honey.

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