A Christian ministry recently visited the Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Poland to bring them aid, and is now urging Christians to continuously pray for the victims and help in any kind.

CEO and Founder of Breath of the Spirit Ministries International Dr. Michelle Corral shared with Charisma News the recent updates about the Ukrainian refugees through their outreach with Chesed for Humanity International.

Corral said most of the refugees who bravely crossed the borders were mothers and their children as young as a few months old, carrying nothing but their clothes. According to the United Nations, there were still around 20,000 daily arrivals of refugees in Poland last May, making it the main country that had accepted Ukrainian refugees since February. Ninety-four percent of the 1.1 million refugees that Polish authorities recorded were women and children. The ministry founder described the refugees they visited as "hungry and out of work in unfamiliar surroundings."

They got a break from the situation when they received the aid from Coral and her team. Among all their refugee work around the world, Corral said that she hadn't witnessed any kind of trauma or shock that she witnessed from the Ukrainian refugees. These people were facing new struggles, as they moved along to their neighboring countries to run away for their safety. In exchange for peace from conflict, many of the refugees still don't have a place to live, no work for a living, have trouble with language barriers, and worry for their loved ones back in Ukraine.

Through the organization of Corral, many Ukrainian refugees received milk formula, clothes, monetary aid, food, diapers, and other forms of aid last April 4, 2022. They also provided vans to help transfer refugees from different Ukrainian borders into the ministry in Poland. She said it's their way to respond to God's calling to care for refugees' needs.

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Call For 'Empathy and Action'

Corral shared that due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the people who were once successful business owners, workers, and financially independent were now in a poor situation "in a country that's not their home."

She encouraged Christians to extend their help to these people as they continually face death, bombings, shoot-outs, destruction, strife, and unimaginable heartbreak and grief. Corral also encouraged Christians to respond to God's calling of loving others as these people needed love. "This conflict is not just an attack on one isolated country; it is an attack on humanity as a whole," she said. Aside from food and monetary needs, refugees' main concerns were health services and medical needs.

She reminded people that in this kind of situation, it's an opportunity for Christians to generate empathy and action towards the people in need. The ministry founder encouraged people to act on their callings as children of God, to love and care for others.

With the help of the government of Poland, the United Nations, and many organizations such as Corral's, millions of Ukrainian needs were met.

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