Grammy-award-winning Gospel singer Kirk Franklin expressed regret over the lack of love among his generation of churchgoers during a concert which was a part of “The Kingdom Tour” with known Christian artist group Maverick City earlier this month.

During their sold-out Orlando show in the Amway Center, the majority of concertgoers were millennials and Gen Z, according to The Christian Post. Franklin took a moment in his music set and addressed an audience of around 20,000 people.

The gospel singer noted how much division in the world today. He expressed that his generation let the younger generation down. Franklin, who belonged to Generation X, said his generation talked about the church and Jesus but most of them forgot to love people.

His Advocacy For Younger Generation

He emphasized that the younger generation doesn't want to "play church" but wanted to be "the Church," causing the audience to erupt in applause. Franklin declared Jesus Christ as the only superstar and emphasized that Church has no color nor division. He believed that there was a generation that parents might have forgotten, but the gospel artist said "God would never." Franklin noted that the younger generation would help him change the world.

In his interview with Rolling Out, he said that Christian beliefs compelled him to defend any marginalized group of individuals, discussing and proposing solutions. According to him, the teachings of Jesus Christ were relevant and practical, emphasizing that Christians have the role "not to just build people's souls but to water people's spirits."

An AT&T Dream in Black's signature program recognized Franklin together with musician John Legend as "The Black Future Makers" last February this year, Gospel Music Association reported. They were honored for their contributions to defining culture, campaigning for equity, and paving the way for the next generation of African-American leaders.

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His Estranged Relationship With His Son

Amidst all his success and advocacies for the younger generations, Franklin also faced different challenges which include his estranged relationship with his son Kerrion.

Last March 2021, Franklin also made an apologetic video after his son posted a video of their fight on his Instagram account, in which the singer was heard using profanities. He admitted that they had a toxic relationship with him as family. He added that he and his son have received counseling and therapy to work out their differences over the years. He ended by saying, "I'm not perfect. I'm human and I'm gonna make mistakes and I'm trying to get it right. Please keep me and your family in your prayers."

Now, his estranged son Kerrion was reportedly detained for allegedly driving the car of a woman who had been reported missing and was assumed deceased. A gun was also located in the vehicle, but the 33-year-old denied the allegations and said he had no ties with the woman.

However, in his interview with Larry Reid from the jail, Kerrion claimed that he was arrested wrongfully. He was initially stopped for his taillight. Although the arrest looked to be related to accusations filed in Texas, Kerrion believed the charges were put on after cops claimed he resisted arrest. He asked for prayers and said that he was keeping his mind positive and aiming to live righteously.

Last June 4, Kerrion announced on his Instagram that he was out in jail but still facing another trial. He thanked his parents and everyone for their prayers and support.

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