A Good Samaritan saved a man who fell into an electrified rail in Chicago on June 6 after being attacked by another individual.

NewsNation reported that 20-year-old Anthony Perry showed extraordinary bravery when he disregarded the electrified 3rd rail of the 69th Street Red Line just to save an unidentified 32-year-old man who fell on it. The media outlet said the man's attacker spit on him before punching him in the mouth, which caused them both to fall on the tracks.

Perry administered CPR until the medics arrived with the aid of a lady who guided him on what to do, Fox 32 Chicago reported. Perry likened the lady to an angel from God such that he was able to revive the unidentified man, which was later brought to the hospital for medical assistance together with the other individual he had a scuffle with.

The Fearless Good Samaritan

Witnesses of the scene were able to capture Perry's noble actions and uploaded them on social media. The videos, which have gone viral, show how Perry immediately jumped down the tracks as soon as the unidentified man fell.

Perry could be seen being jerked a little when he was trying to grab the man away from the tracks while screams could be heard from the background. Perry hopped into different places on the ground several times before he finally got the man out of the railway. The unidentified man's face was blurred in the video as the Good Samaritan gave him chest compressions.

"I felt a little shock. I felt kind of out of my body actually and I just didn't let that stop me," Perry revealed.

According to Perry, he was known to help others, and seeing the man fall on the tracks made him want to save his life so he acted fast. Perry said he was not even afraid at that time of being electrocuted for saving the man. He attributed his actions to adrenaline and something in him that did not let him think or fear that something bad will happen to him.

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Perry shared that the little shock he felt throughout his body did not hurt him. He reasoned that he did not hold the man long enough for it to do so.

The Good Samaritan Is Rewarded

After the incident, police officers expressed gratitude to Perry for his bravery. They disclosed plans of recruiting Perry in the future.

Philanthropist and I'm Telling Don't Shoot Founder Early Walker learned of Perry's heroic deed and said that there's a need for more people in the world to be like Perry. Walker gave the Good Samaritan a big surprise on Friday through a gift of a brand new car: a 2009 Audi A8.

The new car was delivered on a truck that stopped before Perry, who was shocked in surprise. Video of the said moment showed Perry laughing continuously in disbelief of his extraordinary gift. He was also given a $25 gas card. Perry said he is grateful for the car, which he described as "great and moves fast."

Walker explained that he gave the car as a surprise after discovering Perry had to spend three hours commuting every day-through two CTA buses and the train from where he lived in Park Manor just to get to his job, which is in Oak Lawn. The philanthropist then told Perry that he and the police don't want him on the rim anymore after his heroic performance.

More than anything, Walker emphasized hopes that Perry's story will inspire people to be more selfless.

"Hopefully, this catches on other people. Instead of pulling their phones, they decide to help when interventions are needed," Walker said.

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