Recently, Pope Francis appeared in the news headlines stating that being gay is not a crime. A controversial tweet appeared as he somewhat approved of a non-traditional greeting: giving the middle finger.

According to Intelligencer, Pope Francis took to Twitter with a series of tweets praising each finger's different characteristics. However, the message was lost in translation as the Italian Pope's words were interpreted as endorsing a controversial gesture.

 The confusion soon cleared as Pope Francis deleted the tweet and replaced it with another rephrasing his message. Despite the clarification, the original intent behind the tweets remains enigmatic.

Pope Francis' Views on LGBTQ Community and Cultural Communication Mishap Over the Middle Finger

Pope Francis has been gaining attention and different reaction from the people. Recently, in a story in Christianity Daily, Pope Francis addressed the issue of discrimination against the LGBTQ community within the Catholic Church, recognizing that some bishops hold prejudiced views.

He stressed the importance of these bishops undergoing a change of heart and embracing inclusiveness. The Pope called for a tender and compassionate approach, as God shows to all of us. These comments, hailed as a significant breakthrough by LGBTQ advocates, align with Pope Francis' vision of a Catholic Church that is welcoming to all, regardless of sexual orientation. He stressed that being gay is not a crime but a sin.

As of February 2, 2023, a tweet surfaced, confusing the people and commenting to the Pope as he was dubbed as "badass" for indirectly endorsing the middle finger. Some say that the pontiff does not know that this gesture mainly means "f*ck you," He unconsciously supported it to the public, with them reacting differently.

According to Daily Dot, Pope Francis found himself entangled in a cultural communication mishap over the significance of the middle finger. In a seemingly harmless tweet, the leader of the Catholic Church inadvertently gave the internet the green light to use the notorious gesture.

The response was overwhelming, with people flooding social media with images, jokes, and GIFs. One Twitter user quipped, "Then I am doing the Lord's work driving on the Belt Parkway this morning. Who else wants a blessing?" Another replied, "Yes, Your Holiness, and in light of this information about the middle finger, I'm going to flash it constantly to remind people to be honest."

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Dangers of Cultural Communication Barrier and the Need to be Open About It

The Pope's innocent tweet created a whirlwind of humor as the nation's top Catholic became embroiled in a cultural communication barrier.

Cultural miscommunication is a common source of embarrassment and can have serious consequences. An article in Study Abroad says whether it's a simple mistake or an unintentional offense, the results can range from mere embarrassment to losing a job or even physical harm.

It is essential to be aware of cultural differences and to approach communication with patience and understanding, recognizing that cultural misunderstandings can occur in both directions. Instead of jumping to conclusions and becoming aggressive, it's essential to respond with kindness and acknowledge that there may be cultural differences at play.

By being mindful of cultural differences and approaching communication with empathy, we can avoid the negative consequences of cultural miscommunication.

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