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The annual Grammy Awards has come to a close with deserving award-winning artists and songs that have gained a lot of streams and votes. But a controversial tweet by CBS just happened to surface, as they replied to the tweeted performance of Sam Smith's "Unholy."

The 65th annual Grammy Awards of musical celebration and recognition for artists across the industry was a night to remember. There was some confusion about what or who was being worshiped during the event. CBS, the network that aired the awards show, generated controversy with a tweet promoting a performance of "Unholy" by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. Despite initially being posted, the tweet was eventually taken down by CBS.

Controversial Performance at 65th Grammy Awards Sparks Debate among Viewers and Christian Groups

The Performance by Sam Smith and Kim Petras in the crypto.com arena during the Grammys generated excitement and anticipation in the lead-up to the event. According to Christian Post, Smith tweeted an image of himself wearing devil horns and a top hat with the caption "This is going to be SPECIAL," which was met with enthusiasm by CBS, who replied, "We are ready to worship!"

The performance was indeed exceptional, with a demonically-inspired theme. Smith donned the devilish top hat and was surrounded by dancers in grotesque masks, while Petras sang from inside a cage with flames as performers wearing devilish headgear stalked the area. However, the tweet promoting the Performance was eventually deleted by CBS by Monday evening.

The performance also elicited a strong reaction from conservative Christian groups. The Media Research Center tweeted, "Did CBS just admit it worships Satan?" after the network's tweet promoting the performance was deleted.

The "sponsored by Pfizer" tag that appeared during the performance elicited a strong reaction from viewers. Despite Pfizer's statement that their sponsorship was for the entire Grammys broadcast and not for the specific performance, the American Family Association was not satisfied.

They started a petition calling for Pfizer to take a stand and separate itself from programs that are controversial, have a history of offending people's values, and disrespected people of faith. The petition is an attempt to get Pfizer to make a clear statement about the company's values and its stance on such programs.

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Outrage Sparked the Public Over CBS Tweet on Sam Smith's 'Unholy' Performance

Many people expressed disbelief at the tweet's content, while others saw it as a reflection of the current state of the entertainment industry. According to Fox News, Robby Starbuck, a music video producer and director, characterized the tweet as an admission that CBS was "compromised by evil." He tweeted, "This is what CBS said to Sam Smith right before he did his demonic performance as Satan. Think about that. They aren't even trying to hide how compromised by evil they are anymore. It's all out in the open now."

Several users asked if CBS "worshipped Satan" and claimed they would do anything "for ratings." Shawn Farash, a Donald Trump impersonator and podcast host, wrote that CBS and Sam Smith openly admitted that they worship satan in their own words.

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