WhatsApp Update 2.16.10 APK is now available for download and users can now start testing the beta release.

According to Neurogadget, the WhatsApp 2.16.10 update will not bring new features to excite users, but it will provide more bug fixes and performance enhancements.

But before a WhatsApp user can check or download the update, which is 27.6 MB in size, they have to sign up for the application's beta program. After signing up, the user will now be allowed to access the beta updates on the Google Play Store. Users can also download the APK file elsewhere but doing so is very risky.

A separate report from Neurogadget confirmed that the official WhatsApp update 2.16.9 for Nokia and Symbian S60 devices are now available for download. The update 2.16.1 for Nokia Asha and Symbian S40 devices has already rolled out as well, but still does not have the document sharing feature.

WhatsApp Font Effects and Filmstrip Details

Neurogadget also detailed the font effect and new filmstrip features, which have been getting a lot of attention over the past several days.

WhatsApp developers deliver font effects that will allow users to send messages with bolded, italicize or strikethrough texts. To create a bolded word, users should put an asterisk before and after the word. For italicized and text with a single-line strikethrough, users will have to use underscore and tilde, respectively, instead of asterisks.

"This type of effect will be applied to your message the moment you'll send it to your contact," Neurogadget noted. "Also, you can use these contacts on the Web client as well, but the text will appear formatted only in the app-based version of the chats."

Meanwhile, users can also enjoy the new filmstrip feature, which allows them to pick an image on their smartphone. Before sending the photo, users can tweak the image using the editor, which is expected to be improved in future updates.