Fallout 4 fans will have something to look forward to as Bethesda confirmed the upcoming release of a new DLC for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the popular video game.

Bethesda announced that the Wasteland Workshop DLC will roll out on Tuesday, April 12 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It will be the second add-on for Fallout 4 after the Automatron DLC hit stores in March.

According to the developers, the new Wasteland Workshop DLC will give gamers the ability to create their own set cages, which they can use to capture creatures like raiders and Deathclaws. Once captured, the creatures can be tamed or become an opponent even with fellow settlers.

The Wasteland Workshop DLC for PS4, Xbox One and PC will also provide new design options for settlements such as taxidermy, nixie tube lighting, letter kits and more items.

The Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC will be available for $5 on Steam, Microsoft Store and PlayStation stores. According to Gotta Be Mobile, like the Automatron DLC, the Wasteland Workshop is also expected to be available on various retailers like Amazon, Green Man Gaming and GameStop.

Gotta Be Mobile added that gamers in Asia could get the DLC later than the April 12 release date in other regions. The Automatron DLC was released on March 22, but gamers in Asia need to wait until April 6 to get the add-on.

Meanwhile, Bethesda also confirmed that the next DLC, the Far Harbor add-on, will roll out in May.

"Expand the capabilities of settlements with Wasteland Workshop, then in May, travel beyond the Commonwealth to Maine for Far Harbor - the largest landmass Bethesda Game Studios has ever created for post-release content," Bethesda said in a statement.

Gamers can also get a "Fallout 4 Season Pass" that will give them opportunity to purchase Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and The Far Harbor DLCs for just $50. More add-ons, including the Creation Kit for the PC version of the game, will also be released later this year.

Watch the official Wasteland Workshop DLC trailer below.