Mike Gonzalez
(Photo : heritage.org) Mike Gonzalez 

Mike Gonzalez, a Senior Fellow in Heritage's Allison Center for Foreign Policy and an Angeles T. Arredondo E Pluribus Unum fellow, has stated in a commentary that the Black Lives Matters movement founders are all committed Marxists.  

Gonzalez had released an essay mid-September to The Daily Signal, explaining that the BLM movement and the Chinese Progressive Association (a Marxist based group in support of the People's Republic of China)- Explaining what? This sentence just ends without a conclusion. 

I will add this a possible conclusion (had connections to one another.)

However, in Gonzalez's new commentary, he states, "A New York Times "fact check" report Friday claimed that my essay days earlier at The Daily Signal about Black Lives Matter's links to pro-China organizations was wrong." He goes on to explain that while the New York Times tried to completely discredit his essay, they were fundamentally incorrect.  

From Gonzalez's research, he found that when donating to BLM, one can see that the money goes to the San Francisco CPA division, who support BLM founder Alicia Garza's Black Futures Lab. Gonzalez found this info rather disagreeable as he explains, "the San Francisco CPA is a left-wing group that from the beginning has been a supporter of China's communist revolution and whose members want revolution here in America."  

"And yes, Americans do rightly support the sentiment that black lives matter. However, by and large they do not know that Garza and other founders of the Black Lives Matter organizations are committed Marxists," Gonzalez continued. Additionally, Gonzalez stated that BLM has been scrubbing their website to remove anything that could connect them to Marxist language or ideas.  

"The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation was busily removing Marxist language from its website Monday. The Post Millennial, a media site, reported: "Black Lives Matter removed a section of text that had been under a section called 'What We Believe' that sought to engender the destruction, or perhaps reimagining, of the nuclear family structure." The communist term "comrades" also has been airbrushed out."

Gonzalez concluded, "It is clear, then, that both the Boston and San Francisco versions of the Chinese Progressive Association work at times to push the agenda of China's communist government he re in the United States, and that both chapters are praised regularly by China's state-owned mouthpieces."