Anxious? Hold On To These Bible Verses During Uncertain Times

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Christian online influencers share Bible verses they found useful during challenging or uncertain times.

Writer-entrepreneur and Christian counselor Karolyne Roberts highlighted several Bible verses that she often refers to during hard times. Roberts expressed hopes that what she shared would bring encouragement knowing that the COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for many, especially those who lost jobs and loved ones. Though not easy, Roberts stressed, one of the best ways to keep one motivated in life and praise God is "to stand on God's Word and God's truth."

"I am sharing five Bible verses that I encourage you to meditate on, to read in your own quiet time, and to stand on in this time. No matter what season you are in, God's Word never goes out of style, it never passes away," Roberts said.

Personal Coach Ashley Nicole of Undoubted Grace, a blog that aspires to inspire working Christian moms, similarly pointed to "reading and meditating on the Bible" as one of the best places to start during uncertain times.

"Internalizing the promises of God for your life can help Ground you when you feel as if you are on shaky ground. His Word is a lamp to our feet and guides us safely to our destination. Adding scriptures to your prayers is a powerful way to incorporate the promises of God and the power of his Word to your communion with him," Nicole said.

Nicole emphasized that it is important for Christians to make it a habit to regularly seek God for peace. This habit, which is done through consistent prayer, equips the Christian to be firm and stable when uncertain times come. The author said that having a lifestyle of prayer also enables one to be keen on seeing the movement of God in one's life. Uncertain times, she said, are times Christians trust in God for they have seen his faithfulness.

According to Church Leaders, Christian meditation is far different from eastern meditation, which revolves mostly around paganistic practices or integrates New Age disciplines such as yoga. Citing Psalm 119:15, the media outlet raised that Christian meditation focuses on the Word of God for the renewal of one's mind on the truth so that one may live according to it.

Meditation requires commitment in response to God and His Word and is a prerequisite for one to become a vibrant and mature Christian. The goal of Christian meditation is to acquire "the knowledge of God in truth" such that one is filled by God, unlike eastern meditation that draws one to empty the mind to focus on the self.

So what verses should Christians meditate in to reclaim "peace not of this world," the peace of Christ? Here they are:

1. Philippians 4:6-7

The verse directly rebukes having an anxious nature and draws one to prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving to God, who provides peace and protects one's mind and heart to surpass uncertainty.

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Roberts shared how much she loved the verse so much because God is telling whoever hears it to give Him all one's worries. She said people get so anxious they end up experiencing insomnia or troubled sleep. Worrying too much makes a Christian forget to trust God during the hard times.

Citing a personal experience, Roberts emphasized that pressing through in worshipping and praising God during one's difficulties would lead to a "breakthrough." The social media influencer encouraged viewers to give God thanks because this will make demons tremble and that hard times do not always last.

The verse is similar in content and message to 1 Peter 5:6-7 that Nicole shared as a Bible verse to meditate on. Nicole said it is best to give the cares of one's heart and mind to the One who created, sees and knows everything, Who is God. Nicole similarly admits that Philippians 4:6-7 is a favorite and constantly reminds her not to worry so that God's peace would direct her next steps in uncertain times.

2. Romans 8:18

St. Paul, in the verse, speaks about the upcoming glory promised to those who bear their present sufferings for God.

Roberts disclosed how this verse encouraged her so much because it is often difficult to see beyond one's "pit" during hard times, outside one's present situation. She reiterated that it is really hard to see beyond that and then cited Jeremiah 29-11 on God's plans for each one of His children, which are for their good. She explained that this plan goes beyond earthly life because God wants to spend time with His children for all eternity.

Knowing this truth about God's plan for eternity, Roberts stressed, often gave her something to look forward to. She holds on to the truth that her true home is in Heaven with God.

3. 2 Corinthians 12:9

This verse highlights a moment in St. Paul's life when he complained to God to remove His weakness, which God lovingly rebuked. God told the Apostle that "His grace is sufficient." This made St. Paul realize it would be better to boast of his weaknesses and to be content with sufferings and mistreatment so that the power of Christ may rest in him and be revealed to many.

Of all the verses, Roberts said this is the one she loves so much. The writer explained that it speaks of St. Paul encouraging fellow believers not to give up during difficult times because that is an opportunity for God to come into one's life to show His strength and shower one with miracles. She said this is God's way of preparing a person for a miracle. Thus, God will not leave one in that difficult situation. Christians then should not rely on their strength but on God, who is "literally everything you need and more."

4. Joshua 1:9

Roberts remarked that this particular verse is her favorite because it gives her confidence and courage. She shared hearing the Holy Spirit repeat the verse to her during difficult times. The particular verse speaks of God's command for His followers to be courageous and strong, to not be dismayed, and not be afraid because God accompanies them.

"God is with me wherever I go, even if I'm in a dark place, even if I'm in a valley. No matter where I am, God is with me. He will never leave me. He will never leave you and He will never forsake you," Roberts added.

5. Romans 8:28

The verse speaks of God's promise to those who love Him that He works for their good according to His purpose. Roberts reiterated that God has a plan for each one no matter what one experiences in life. She pointed out that when the enemy causes turmoil in one's life, God can easily turn it around or use it for one's good.

6. Psalms 94:19

The verse speaks of God's assurance that He will cheer a soul faced with so many burdens. Nicole said this is a good reminder that one should not be overwhelmed because God is a comforting father.

7. Zephaniah 3:17

Unlike the other verses, Zephaniah emphasizes the power of God to save those in trouble by filling them with His love and rejoicing with them.

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