CA Police Department Pushes 'Random Acts Of Kindness Project' To Make Positive Impact On Community


One California police department found a different way to make a positive impact on their community through the "Random Acts of Kindness Project."

In a statement, the Oceanside Police Department's "Random Acts of Kindness Project" started with the Fortin family, who gave a twenty-thousand-dollar donation and established the "Acts of Kindness Fund within Trauma Intervention Programs Inc."

OPD wrote, "What started as a Secret Santa Operation in December of 2021 has grown into a year-long project aimed at spreading a little kindness around the city of Oceanside."

"My family and I enthusiastically support the Oceanside Police Department Acts of Kindness Project. We can think of no better way for us to provide acts of kindness to Oceanside residents than by partnering with Oceanside police officers who are on the front lines and encounter those who need kindness and a helping hand regularly," Wayne Fortin, Founder of Trauma Intervention Programs Inc.

In this advocacy project, the officers would be given resources to boost their capability to aid and provide with compassion. Officers usually encounter people daily who needs a helping hand or assistance. Through giving simple acts of kindness - often providing random people with meals, clothing, or transportation assistance, OPD hoped to connect more in their community.

Chief Fred Armijo said, "The more opportunities that we have to engage with people outside of crises, I think [it] deepens relationships and deepens understanding."

"Oceanside Police will spread the donation out in random acts of kindness throughout the year. Each month a different giving effort will focus on making connections between officers and the community," OPD announced.

"It's a cool experience to get out in the community and make people smile and serve differently," Oceanside Police Officer Andy Gularte.

For April, As the cost of groceries increased, OPD has been surprising strangers with $100 bills to pay for their groceries, ABC News reported. One woman was astounded by the gesture. "Are you serious?" she asked the officers. "I never thought of anything like that happening ... it's remarkable, takes your breath away," she said in awe and gratefulness.

A mother buying food for her daughter became speechless after Officer Jelena Sosa handed the money to her. "Seeing that and seeing the impression I left her today with her daughter, makes me feel good. It reminds me every day why I do this job," said Officer Sosa.

"It kinda takes me back to why I first joined this career was to help those who can't necessarily help themselves, to protect those who can't necessarily protect themselves," she continued.

Last month, Oceanside officers went to gas stations to give out envelopes with $50 bills inside. In their Facebook post, OPD wrote "The handshakes. The hugs. The kindness. We are here for it! We are giving random acts of kindness this month at local gas stations to help drivers with the pain of rising fuel costs."

The department's public information officer Jennifer Atenza said "When the prices of gas skyrocketed, that became an obvious choice to go out and help people out at the gas pumps." Many people were delighted by the initiatives of the OPD, especially people who were in need.