Christians, Children Attacked By ‘Ruthless’ Antifa During Prayer Event In Portland

antifa attack on Christians
Screenshot of the ruthless Antifa attack on a group of Christians and children in August. |

Christians, which included children, were reportedly attacked by "ruthless" Antifa members during a prayer event held in Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park last Saturday.

The Blaze said that an "appalling video" revealed Antifa's "ruthless" attack on Christians during a worship event entitled "Courageous Truth" organized by renowned Canadian-based Pastor Artur Pawlowski. The video shows that the Antifa used a flash bomb on a group of children and also threw rotten eggs on other attendees. One woman described the children attacked by the Antifa to be "four months old to like 10" while another man said "they're toddlers."

Meanwhile, CBN News highlighted that the almost two-minute "shocking video" retweeted by The Post Millenial Editor-At-Large Andy Ngo showed the militants carrying weapons and shields while yelling profanity to the worshipping crowd. The militants were later showed as becoming "more aggressive and violent" such that Pawlowski was sprayed with mace on his face.

"Shocking video recorded in Portland show a large group of antifa carrying shields & weapons move in to attack & shut down a family Christian prayer & worship event on the waterfront. Police did not intervene," Ngo described the The Daily Sneed's video, which has already received 1.3 million views.

The video showed the Antifa wearing a full black gear that also concealed their faces and head while holding shields, weapon, and umbrellas. They barged in the assembly and disrupted it before throwing "projectiles" at those praying.

When one of the participants tried to stop them by saying, "I speak to you in Jesus' name," that was when they became more aggressive by spraying mace and toppling off the sound system. The man who tried to stop the Antifa explained he did so because he was concerned for the children.

"Walked up to ask them to stop throwing things at the children. There's kids down there, I mean they're toddlers and they sprayed me too," the man said in the video.

Some Antifa members carried off the sound system, which was later reported to have been thrown into the Willamette River. The militants also carried with them stolen food and beverages from those they attacked.

"According to one of the militant Antifa members who witnessed the violent direct action, Antifa threw the Christian group's sound equipment into the Willamette River. The attendees, which included children, were hit with projectiles & pepper spray," Ngo added.

Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec pointed out that there are members of the media who are gaslighting the Antifa attack by reporting that it was not done against Christians. Posobiec posted the poster of the event, which was entitled "Courageous Truth."

On Sunday, Pawlowski expressed gratituted to those who attended the event despite its unexpected turnout. He called the attendees "Patriots" because they stood "strong" in the face of the militants.

"Fantastic time with the real Christians and Patriots in Portland! Thank you all for coming and standing strong! Be blessed!" Pawlowski announced.

Pawlowski, Polish who migrated to Canada, was previously reported for conducting the "Courageous Faith" tour where he reveals the persecution he received from Canadian authorities during the pandemic. Pawlowski was imprisoned for violating COVID-19 rules for in-person worship along with his brother. While in America for the tour, Canadian authorities were reported to be targeting Pawlowski again for "flaunting" the COVID-19 rules through a new lawsuit filed by the Alberta Health Services.