Turtle Creek Community Responds to Severe Burglary, Church Increases Security Following $12,000 Electronics, Instrument Theft


Serious burglaries committed in Turtle Creek have been on the rise. Recently, criminals broke into a church in their neighborhood and took instruments, electronics, and other church items with a combined value of $12,000. As a result, the place of worship now implemented an additional level of security.

Increasing Security at Church

 A report from CBS News stated that Total Salvation Ministries has recently been designated a historical landmark after several restorations over the past few years. However, the church's senior pastor, Barry Ratliff, stated that a bunch of burglars broke into the building earlier this month, reportedly located a short distance from the local law enforcement department. As mentioned, the burglars took items valued at almost $12,000, including electronics, instruments, and other equipment used in church events and classes. While breaking into the building, the thieves caused the church structure over $3,000 in damages. Moreover, after becoming the most recent church to be broken into, the pastors at Total Salvation Ministries in Turtle Creek, Texas, decided to beef up the church's security measures. Yet, Pastor Ratliff stated that he and his wife do not feel resentment toward whoever was responsible for this. The couple keeps them in their prayers and is always there to assist anyone needing support. "We bought this building so we could serve this community. We're here to help and do everything that a church can do," the pastor asserted.

On the other hand, MSN reported that over the past two or three months, burglars have broken into probably four or five churches. Thieves broke into numerous other businesses, including the hardware shop. In addition, last Friday, Jun. 23, employees at the Metro store across the street indicated that a group of thieves came into their shop during the night and seized their cash drawer. Meanwhile, on Monday, Jun. 27, it was stated that the head of the police department was not available to give any information about the incident.

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Similar Incident of Severe Burglary at Turtle Creek

An incident on Thursday evening, Mar. 15, shocked a man from Turtle Creek. He claims that when he stepped out of his bedroom, he saw an odd man standing at the top of the stairway. The man claimed he followed the other individual down these steps, through the living room, and into the kitchen. However, WPXI reported that it was the point at which things became risky. According to the victim, the burglar sprang at him while holding two knives taken from the kitchen counter. The odd man reportedly went over to the computer and started typing, but the personal computer was turned off and unusable.

 "He started using the computer. Meanwhile, I'm starting to yell to my brother 'Get somebody on the phone, there's somebody in the house. Then, he lunged at me again with the knife again. I took the chair and tried to block him," the man from Turtle Creek noted. Accordingly, the intruder eventually became scared and fled from the house after some time had passed. A short time and distance later, law enforcement officers located and arrested him. The criminal complaint states that they used a Taser on him near a fueling station, and the police identified Mark Darnell Johnson Jr. as the person who broke in. He is being charged with both burglary and aggravated assault at this time.

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