Congressional Democrats Cast First Vote To Force Americans To Fund Abortions

Anti-abortion protest

On Monday, House Democrats approved a spending bill for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that excluded the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding for most abortions.

The 2022 appropriations bill was apporved by the U.S. House Appropriations Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies subcommittee in a voice vote, furthering the left's agenda to promote and secure legal abortions across the country. Republican legislators vowed to keep fighting for the pro-life cause.

"Unless this long-standing compromise protecting human life is restored, this bill should not move forward," pro-life Republican Rep. Kay Granger from Texas declared in front of committee members, as reported by LifeNews. "My colleagues and I are going to have to strongly oppose it because it's out of step with the views of most Americans. It is just that simple."

Granger denounced the congressional Democrats' move to remove the Hyde Amendment, which forces Americans to fund abortions through taxpayer money. The Republican representative said that by removing the Hyde Amendment, doctors across America will now be forced to perform abortions, regardless if it's against their convictions or beliefs.

The Hyde Amendment was a bipartisan measure that prohibited federal funding of abortions in Medicaid and other federal programs. It is believed that up to 2.4 million babies' lives have been saved because of the legislation. However, Democrat leaders use their pro-abortion agenda to create laws that benefit abortion providers.

Pro-life leaders such as Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser was the first to criticize House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro, D-Connecticut, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for furthering the pro-abortion agenda of the liberals.

Dannenfelser accused "Biden-Pelosi Democrats" of abolishing the Hyde Amendment and "[forcing] taxpayers to fund abortion, doubling down on extremism to appease an increasingly radical base." She also claimed that the left's "abortion agenda" commits "violence to the poor and vulnerable, devastating the minority communities for whom they claim to advocate."

The Hill reported that Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat, defended the spending bill which she believes is "an issue on which many of us disagree." She argued that the "original intent of Hyde" is no longer acceptable and had to be removed because "it has disproportionately impacted women of color, and it has ultimately led to more unintended pregnancies and later riskier, and more costly abortions."

Democrat leaders continue to ignore calls from the pro-life community to uphold the Hyde Amendment in President Joe Biden's bills. A survey conducted in June showed that a majority of American voters support the abolishing of abortion at 15 weeks, especially when the mother is informed about the baby's development.

The OnMessage survey of 1,200 likely voters showed that 55% of respondents were more likely to support a 15-week abortion ban after learning information about fetal development, a number that increases to 55% after they learned that "an unborn child has the capacity to feel pain" at 15 weeks of life in the womb.