A new survey conducted on 1,200 American voters revealed that a majority of them support a ban on abortion at 15 weeks, especially when the patient is provided information about the unborn baby's advanced development during that stage. The survey also found that only 32% of voters supported legal abortion for all circumstances.

The survey was conduced by OnMessage Inc. for the pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List, Christian Headlines reported. This survey comes at the heels of the Supreme Court's decision to consider a Mississippi law constitutionality, which may have damaging effects on Roe v. Wade. The Mississipi law states that abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy is illegal, except when fetal abnormality is detected or there is a medical emergency that requires it.

The OnMessage survey of 1,200 likely voters revealed that 53% of them prefer a Republican candidate who "supports limiting abortions after 15 weeks with exceptions for the life and physical health of the mother or severe abnormality of the baby." Only 28% of voters would perfer a Democratic candidate who "supports unlimited abortion up until the moment of birth."

Most voters in the survey also admitted to more likely support a 15-week abortion ban after learning information about fetal development. Up to 55% admitted they were likely to support the 15-week abortion ban after they learned that "an unborn child has the capacity to feel pain" at 15 weeks of life. 53% of surveyed voters were also more likely to support the ban on abortion at 15 weeks after learning that in that stage, "an unborn child has a beating heart, can move around in the womb, can close his or her fingers, can start to make sucking motions and hiccup, and senses stimulation from outside the womb."

Wes Anderson of OnMessage concluded how the results of the survey "demonstrate that a majority of voters reject abortion on demand throughout pregnancy." It also showed how even independent voters agree to reject abortion on demand, siding with the pro-life side of the argument and creating a center-right coalition.

But as the survey indicates that the country may move center-right, Democrats are mobilizing to place safety measures in case Roe v Wade does get overturned this year. Earlier reports indicate that, Congressional Democrats this week reintroduced the Women's Health Protection Act, which if passed would guarantee women's rights to abortion without limits. The controversial law was first introduced in 2013 and has been reintroduced since then, as it never received a vote in either chamber.

This week, Gallup also released an annual poll showing a "record high" statistic: 47% of Americans think abortion is morally acceptable. But the results also show how 46% of survey respondents believe that abortion is "morally wrong," a 1% drop from last year's 47% who believed so. But pro-life advocates warn about how the media can spin the numbers to favor the pro-choice agenda.

"The mainstream media will likely spin a few of the findings from this recent Gallup poll to argue that there has been a decrease in pro-life sentiment," Dr. Michael J. New of the Charlotte Lozier Institute wrote for Live Action News, via Townhall. "However, pro-lifers should not be misled."