Abortion Is Nowhere In The Constitution, And Is Unnecessary For Family Planning: Reports

US Court building

A United States judge said that the "right to an abortion" is nowhere to be found in the U.S. Constitution, reports sayd. This announcement comes as the results of a long-term study that says it is "unnecessary" to be included in family planning is published.

WND said that 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge James Ho, who handles an appeals case on abortion in the Supreme Court, has declared that there is nothing in the Constitution that says abortion is a citizen's "right."

"Nothing in the text or original understanding of the Constitution established a right to an abortion. Rather, what distinguishes abortion from other matters of health care policy in America--and uniquely removes abortion police from the democratic process established by our Founders--is Supreme Court precedent," Ho said in line with the Mississippi Gestational Age Act and the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade.

Life News explained in their report that Ho's statement pertained to the appeal filed by the state of Mississippi on the 2018 Gestational Age Act. The law was blocked by Judge Carlton Reeves in line with the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case that was later sided on by the US Court of Appeals 5th District.

The Court of Appeals 5th District said in its final decision last May 18 that the "justices had agreed to "grant certiorari" for Mississippi's filed appeal.

Ho, who was nominated to the 5th District by former President Donald Trump in 2017, said that he was "deeply troubled by how the district court handled this case. The opinion issued by the district court displays an alarming disrespect for the millions of Americans who believe that babies deserve legal protection during pregnancy as well as after birth, and that abortion is the immoral, tragic, and violent taking of innocent human life."

Not essential for family planning

According to a study from the Charlotte Lozier Institute, of the almost five million women eligible for Medicaid, only 1% could have used abortion in family planning, which defies what authorities and pro-choice group claim that the procedure is actually "essential" for women to have "healthy spacing of pregnancies."

The study published in the Sage Journals last May 6 encompasses a 15-year period from 1999 to 2014 where the authors, led by Charlotte Lozier Institute's James Studnicki, surveyed women "who have an abortion reporting having 1 or more children."

Entitled, "Estimating the Period Prevalence of Publicly Funded Abortion to Space Live Births, 1999 to 2014," the study aimed to the "the period prevalence of an induced abortion separating live births in a population of Medicaid eligible enrollees and to identify the characteristics of enrollees significantly associated with the use of abortion to enable child spacing." The Sage Publication study said that among the low-income population, which Medicaid targets to serve, it is uncommon that abortion is used for birth spacing.

The study's results are in contrast to what the Department of Health and Human Services is pushing for the Title X Family Planning Program that "forces religious family planning providers" out of the system for their stance against abortion while funding abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood who would most likely refer the procedure as part of family planning.

WND said the study revealed that "post-abortive women" would experience difficulties in their future pregnancies wherein there would be live births, citing a statement by renowned pro-life Susan B. Anthony List.