Former Priest Cites Potential Increase in Leadership Diversity Within Catholic Church If Priests Are Allowed to Marry

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As controversy arises with the issue of changing the tradition of priestly celibacy that Pope Francis plans to change, some critics and pastors have commented on this move. Some say this move will help increase the number of people wanting to be a priest.

An Ex-Catholic priest who left the church to start a family has agreed with Pope Francis' recent comments about celibacy not being an essential element of the Catholic priesthood.

Former Priest Agrees to the Change in Priestly Celibacy Ruling

This week, the Pope stunned some by calling the 2,000-year-old custom in the western church a "temporary prescription" and asserting that it is "not contradictory" for a priest to wed. Fox News contributor Jonathan Morris, who is still a committed Catholic, believes that allowing married men to become priests could help address the current crisis of leadership in the Catholic Church in the United States. Morris acknowledges that this might be a partial solution, but he believes it would help to alleviate the current situation.

According to Morris, allowing married men to become priests could result in more candidates for leadership roles in the Catholic Church. He believes that good leaders are needed and that there would be more of them if married men were allowed to become priests. While Pope Francis has spoken out on this issue, whether the idea will be implemented remains to be seen.

Morris notes that Catholic priests are already married in the Eastern rites. Despite his talk about controversial issues, Pope Francis has yet to make significant changes on this or other issues. Morris points out that the Pope can make changes if he chooses.

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The Recent Issue on Pope's Remarks on Priestly Celibacy

According to the story shared in Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis has reiterated his stance on priestly celibacy, stating that he believes it is a gift to the church and does not agree with optional celibacy. However, he suggested that there could be exceptions for married clergy in the Latin rite in remote locations with a pastoral need due to a shortage of priests.

In an interview with Infobae, he also discussed various social and political issues, such as Daniel Ortega's dictatorship in Nicaragua, drug trafficking in Latin America, and the war in Ukraine. On marriage annulments, Pope Francis advised people to look at what his predecessor Benedict XVI had said and commented that many church marriages are invalid due to a lack of faith. He also questioned the meaning of "forever" when young people use it concerning marriage.

Germany's Catholic Church recently voted to formally request that the Pope end the requirement of priestly celibacy, and it seems that Pope Francis may be open to the idea. According to New York Post, he cited the Eastern Rite Catholic Church, where priests are allowed to choose whether to marry or remain celibate before ordination.

He also mentioned a married priest with a wife and son in the papal court, demonstrating no contradiction in a priest being married. This suggests that Pope Francis may be willing to consider exceptions to the requirement of priestly celibacy in the Latin rite, in line with his previous comments on the subject.

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