God-Fearing Doctor: 'COVID Jabs Are Premeditated First Degree Murder And Genocide'

COVID Vaccine

Renowned doctor Dr. Vladimir Zelenko MD recently appeared on "The Alex Jones Show" to discuss the potentially lethal realities of the COVID vaccine.

"There's so much evidence available now proving the fact that this was premeditated first degree murder and genocide," said Dr. Zelenko.

He cited a 16-slide presentation done two months before the distribution of the vaccines that detailed and illustrated all of the vaccines' negative effects.
"Now, if you look at the various database where innocent Americans reported the adverse events, there is a 100% correlation between what the American public has experienced and what the FDA presented internally to its own scientists," he pointed out.

"Premeditated, this is my charge, premeditated, realistically murder and genocide of at least 700,000 Americans."

Dr. Zelenko, who refers to himself as a "conspiracy realism theorist," said that seeing a life-saving medication being blocked by the FDA helped him piece the puzzles together. This also includes the government refusing to offer pre-hospital treatment recommendations and instead promotes postponing early treatment and medications, which results in hospitalization.

Additionally, prominent voices like as Dr. Robert Malone's have been de-platformed, as has the public disclosure of serious side effects and deaths.

The children whose parents have been tricked into thinking that COVID shots are safe for their kids when there is no medical need for them are his most pressing issue.

"Sesame Street," for example, would encourage parents and children to believe that getting the shot would make them heroes.

As a "weapon of mass war," Dr. Zelenko described the COVID shot's long-term adverse effects, including an increased risk of cancer and a negative impact on fertility. He referenced a Japanese research showing that children's ovaries are the most adversely impacted organ by these shots.

Thus, Dr. Zelenko's appeal to the American population is to remove their children from public schools before the government tries to "slaughter" them. He claimed that public schools have the authority to vaccinate children entrusted in their care even without the approval of the parents.

He then went on to discuss the use of psychological warfare and isolation tactics as means of paralyzing the human mind and spirit. Any "false promise of this vaccine" becomes a magnet for individuals when that happens.

Next, Dr. Zelenko drew attention to the Christian Bible's mention of a "Mark of the Beast" that prohibits anybody from buying or selling. His assertion was that the vaccines already have the ability to monitor one's internal physiological data like temperature and pulse rate as well as send their whereabouts to a different part of the world.

"We're witnessing Microsoft that links biometric data to the ability to use cryptocurrencies. In other words, this is the mark of the beast of the Christian faith," he said. "This is the ability to your ability to do commerce, your ability in the future be able to feed your family will be dependent on our enslavement to a matrix of where your new location will be known all the time 24/7."

Taking a more upbeat tack, Dr. Zelenko asserts that more people are waking up and spreading awareness about the risks of genocide and infanticide through these COVID shots, as well as the possibilities of organizing to fight these policies via civil disobedience.

"First, remember there's a God in the world and he is the one that is giving you life and that your security and fortitude comes from him...and stopped listening to the media, because all it does is create a cognitive dissonance and create psychosis by staying away from poisonous treachery. Resisting, basically I'm calling for as many people as possible, to take control of the public school system."