How To Find Joy In Living Out Your Divine Calling

How To Find Joy In Living Out Your Divine Calling

A Christian author declared that God entrusts a "special assignment" to every individual, which brings joy when pursued. Thus the importance of discovering one's divine calling.

In her article on Charisma Magazine, Sheila Srna, author of the books "Walking the Talk" and "Heaven Bound, Walking with the Lord," revealed that spiritual gifts and the power of Holy Spirit are keys to fulfilling a person's calling.

The author said that everyone is called by God to be His child and deciding to follow this "first step" alone already brings joy. But as a believer focuses on the LORD, He opens opens doors and he gradually gains insight on God's calling. However, the decision to pursue these opportunities remains an individual's prerogative.

As "anointed" people, Srna explained that Christians are called to be set apart, as mentioned in 1 Peter 2:9. Becoming a believer is followed by being indwelt by the Holy Spirit, Who helps in significant ways to understand God's Word and walk in the LORD.

The author emphasized that the Holy Spirit is a Christian's "best friend for life."

She added that a person's spiritual gifts are connected to his calling. She cautioned, however, against the attack of the enemy.

"Your spiritual gifts will be tied to your calling. When you do what God calls you to do and engage your spiritual gifts, people will see you working with a grace and ease that makes the task look simple for you. But be on guard. Whenever you do anything for the Lord, the devil will come against you. He most definitely doesn't want you to succeed," she stated.

Despite the challenges, Srna declared that choosing to live out God's calling brings joy.

"There is a true joy in growing with the Lord when our heart and mind realize we are called and God entrusts His work to each of us. God has given us His Holy Spirit to anoint us and lead us in this journey. He has also given us spiritual gifts to use as He opens doors to serve Him as we serve others. As we mature and grow, He gives us an excitement and stirring in our spirit, making it easy to be sold out to Him," she wrote.

To share an example, the author unveiled her own story.

Srna said that 40 years ago in May 1982, at the time when their church does not yet have a pastor, Matthew 28:18-20 was spoken over her during an event.

At that moment, her focus was not leading people into salvation. But over the years, she found herself growing in the LORD and many of the Scriptures she has learned since that event became vital factors in the study guides of her books.

Further, she disclosed that God opened doors for her that she did not even dreamed about. She was able to share the Gospel around the world and learning about people getting saved and growing in the LORD through her ministry gives her joy.

In conclusion, Srna stated that she may not be able to personally see the people impacted by her divine calling during her time here in the world, but the promise of resurrection creates hope that someday, she will finally get to know them in heaven.