Kirk Cameron Encourages Parental Involvement in Education for Biblical Transformation of Culture

Kirk Cameron Encourages Parental Involvement in Education for Biblical Transformation of Culture

The actor and author highlighted the importance of parents' participation in a child's education and how the biblical transformation of culture begins at home.

The Way of the Master co-founder Kirk Cameron, who is also father to two biological and four adopted children, recently pushed for parental involvement in education because he believes that the biblical transformation of culture occurs at home and not in government-run public schools. The 51 year old actor and author also shed light on why he and his wife, Chelsea chose to homeschool all six of their children.

"[Homeschooling] is this biblical concept that parenting, and particularly the education of children, is a parental responsibility and privilege," Cameron explained to the Christian Post. "It's not some job that God gave to civil government to do. And yet for generations, we've handed our children over to the government," which meant handing over responsibility for "things that belong to God, and our children" to the government.

Homeschooling Allows More Parental Involvement in Education Versus American Public School Education

Cameron argued that if children are to spend seven to eight hours daily in an educational institution, it must be a place that would "reinforce the things that God wants us to be teaching our kids." The author said that this is best done with parental involvement in education, where moms and dads are "running the show and leading the way.

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Cameron, who rose to fame as a child actor in the ABC sitcom "Growing Pains" in the 80's to 90's, is poised to release a new documentary titled "The Homeschool Awakening," in which he "dives into the adventures of dynamic American families on a mission to put fun and faith back into learning." The documentary will premiere in theaters on June 13 and 14.

Kirk Cameron Calls for the Biblical Transformation of Culture

For Cameron, the COVID pandemic sparked a major change in how parents view their children's education as it made them "grossly aware" of what students are learning in public schools today. He remarked that these public school systems are no longer working for parents like him who yearn "to cultivate the hearts, souls and minds of our children."

With this new documentary, Cameron wishes to debunk the common myths surrounding homeschooling and encourage more parental involvement in education. He also hopes that it would give parents an idea of how to homeschool their kids "because true biblical transformation of culture has to begin in the home."

Cameron's claims are evident in enrollment statistics that show how families have been opting out of public schools since 2020. In fact, for the second academic year in a row in 2021, parents have chosen to enroll their children in private schools instead, The Federalist reported in February. There are two main reasons behind this, namely COVID lockdowns and its mask mandates, social distancing rules, and more, and a "newfound awareness by parents of woke indoctrination in many public schools."

The awakening is happening amongst Christian pastors as well, as they are heeding the call for more Christian-centric schools and academies to flourish. E. Ray Moore, founder of the conservative Christian Education Initiative, told CBN News that the COVID pandemic has "awakened" many people to finally recognize that "it is our responsibility to provide the Christian education for our children, not the government."

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