Nordic Bishops Stand Firm on Church Doctrine Regarding Human Sexuality, Reaffirming Teachings in a Letter

Letter, Nordic Bishops

The Nordic bishops from five countries have written a letter regarding the traditional Christian teachings on sexuality. The bishops have stood up against the modern transgender ideology and upheld the concept of "embodied integrity of personhood."

Nordic Bishops Stand Up Against Transgender Ideology in Letter on Christian Teachings on Sexuality

According to National Catholic Register, they express their concerns regarding the changing and fluctuating notions of what it means to be a human and a sexual being. They state that what is taken for granted today may be rejected tomorrow and anyone who relies too heavily on current theories risks being hurt.

The bishops emphasize the need for deep roots in traditional Christian teachings to maintain stability and avoid being adversely affected by passing theories. The letter was released on Saturday by the Nordic bishops' conference and was signed by eight members.

They push their followers to adopt the basic principles of Christian anthropology while continuosly offering a hand of friendship to those who may feel disconnected from these principles.

They also stress the importance of explaining their beliefs, not only for the sake of the Lord but also for their understanding and that of the world. The bishops believe it is their responsibility to present why they consider their beliefs to be true and to remain steadfast in their faith.

The pastoral letter released by the Nordic bishops is being read out loud at Catholic churches in Scandinavia or the Nordic Countries. According to the Catholic News Agency, eight bishops, including Cardinal Anders Arborelius, the bishop of Stockholm, Sweden, signed the letter.

The other signatories are Bishop Erik Varden of Trondheim, Bishop Berislav Grgić of Tromsø, and Bishop Bernt Eidsvig of Oslo from Norway; Bishop Czeslaw Kozon of Copenhagen from Denmark; Bishop Dávid Tencer of Reykjavik and Bishop Emeritus Pierre Bürcher of Reykjavik from Iceland; and Father Marco Pasinato, apostolic administrator of Helsinki, from Finland.

The letter added that the bishops state that they must guide their followers towards the path of Christ's commandments, which they describe as "peaceful" and "life-giving." They assert that their mission would be incomplete if they offered anything less than the highest ideals of the Church. They also explain that the Church provides a place for everyone, as it is "the mercy of God descending on mankind," and that this mercy excludes no one but demands a high ideal.

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Some Contents of the Letter

The Nordic bishops acknowledge the significance of the rainbow as a covenantal sign, but they also note that it has become a symbol of a cultural and political movement. In the article Catholic Masses, the bishops appreciate the noble aspirations of this movement, particularly in promoting the dignity of all human beings and their desire to be recognized.

However, they dissent from the movement's view of human nature that disregards the embodied integrity of personhood and treats physical gender as insignificant.

The bishops express concern about the imposition of transgenderism on minors, which they regard as a heavy burden of self-determination that children are not yet ready to bear. They find it curious that the body is taken too lightly in an intensely body-conscious society.

The bishops stress that the Church condemns all forms of unjust discrimination, including discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. Still, it also upholds the traditional Christian understanding of human nature and sexuality, which they believe is essential for the well-being of individuals and society.

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