Pro-Trump Insurrection? Leaked CCTV Footage Reveals Antifa Or BLM Were The First To Enter Capitol On Jan. 6

Leftists breaking through Capitol Hill
Screenshot of CCTV footage showing Leftists breaking into Capitol Hill |

A new 17-second video that appears to be footage of a CCTV recording with a woman's voice over has been making the rounds, showing the first people who illegally stepped into Capitol Hill during the January 6 attacks. The short clip showed how the first handful of people who broke into the Capitol were all dressed in black and were wearing combat gear, which reports claim were Antifa or BLM because Trump supporters would not wear black clothing from head to toe.

According to WND, the video posted to the Gateway Pundit showed people dressed in black breaking and jumping through a window in the Capitol. One of them was carrying a bat and appeared to be part of an organized group such as Antifa or BLM. The female narrator of the video recounted "the first group of assailants as they break into the building" and points out how one of them was "wearing full tactical body armor." The CCTV footage indicates it was captured on "Wednesday, January 06, 2021" at about 2:13 p.m.

Debunking the pro-Trump insurrection argument, the Gateway Pundit explained that these people who were the first entered Capitol Hill on January 6 were not followers of former President Donald Trump because "Trump supporters never dressed in black." However, those who do dress up in black clothing and appear in protests are Antifa and BLM. The report also points out how these January 6 protesters carried Confederate flags, which are "never seen at Trump rallies."

An American Greatness report by Julie Kelly questions why the Biden administration fails to recognize physical evidence that the "pro-Trump insurrection" did not involve Trump supporters. While the Biden administration calls the Capitol Hill attack as "the worst attack since the Civil War" and Attorney General Merrick Garland compared it to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the government isn't looking into how "mostly nonviolent Americans" were also present to help defend "The People's House."

Instead, mainstream media painted this picture: the pro-Trump insurrection by Trump supporters who just happened to be at his rally just a few blocks away from Capitol Hill right before the attacks started. Kelly accuses the government of "using every legal trick possible to keep the trove hidden from the public even as clips are presented in court as evidence against hundreds of January 6 defendants."

There is, in fact over 14,000 hours of footage between 12 noon and 8 p.m. of January 6, including what the left are calling a pro-Trump insurrection. Kelly accused the Capitol Police of "produced selective clips for Democratic House impeachment managers to use in the trial against Donald Trump."

Another point that the government fails to highlight is how Capitol Police had in fact faced equipment shortage during the attacks, regardless of who got to the scene first. A Roll Call report revealed how most officers had to fend off rioters "without helmets, face shields or gas masks" and some even had trouble accessing their gear before what the left calls a pro-Trump insurrection occurred.

According to the report, at least one Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) unit of about 40 officers were told by a supervisor to "leave all its protective gear on a bus on the West Front and patrol without it," a questionable safety issue that should be investigated. The report concluded that "Exactly why the Capitol Police did not have adequate gear on Jan. 6 is unclear."

Earlier reports reveal that former President Trump offered to deploy the National Guard to the Capitol prior to Jan. 6, but Nancy Pelosi rejected the offer due to "optics."

Reports also indicated that the Capitol Police Chief at the time, Steven Sund, called for the National Guard to be sent to the Capitol before Jan. 6, but his request had been denied by his own security officials. Sund also made calls for help six times during the incident, but his calls were also denied.

Various people, including one who has studied leftist tactics here and abroad for years, say leftists from Antifa were there at the Capitol on that day, disguised to look like legitimate Trump supporters but behaving like they always do when they riot.