War Correspondent Who Studied Leftist Tactics For Years Say Antifa, Others Behind Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

Michael Yon
A screenshot of war correspondent Michael Yon during an interview with the Epoch Times. |

A war correspondent claims that the Capitol riots on Jan. 6 were instigated by Antifa and its agent provocateurs (APs).

Michael Yon, who has covered a lot of protests and even wars like the Iraq invasion, was outside the building when the incident took place and observed that the tactics used in the riots were styles being practiced by Antifa, The Epoch Times wrote.

He said that Antifa has different elements but what he saw in the Capitol was the "A-Team" of Antifa's special forces which is only being used to execute special actions, a different Antifa element seen in the Portland riots.

"They're well trained, they're well organized, they show up with the gear that they need. They've got the statements ready to say ... They come out, they make great statements for the camera, sound bites. These guys are professionals," he said.

Yon stated that Antifa makes use of the APs. The typical tactics of these agents include wearing the clothes and waving the flags of their enemy, as well as doing things called "false flag operations." They may come to an already arranged protest and harness the energy of the event or arrange a protest but using the flag of their enemy.

He noticed that after Trump delivered his speech and his supporters were making their way to the next rally at the Capitol Building, he saw some people guiding the crowd to come forward and go over the wall. Yon said that those people are APs.

He said that the APs helped the rally attendees set up some ladders to go over the wall by making use of the bike rack barriers. They were also waving flags that says, "This is your job. This is your chance. Stand up for your country."

"He who has the microphone has the power. Once people get riled up, they'll do it. Because we're humans and we will go with the herd," he continued.

He also saw some Trump supporters saying "there is Antifa here." They were saying that they were not the one who attacked the police but members of Antifa. The protesters were also telling Yon that the Antifa members who were with them in the rally were making them look bad.

He said that the actions of the two men in the video shown by the Epoch Times was an old technique used by the APs. In the video, a person with a Trump sticker on the helmet who was breaking the window was hugged by another person who appeared to be a Trump supporter and was grabbed back.

Yon also observed that when the protesters were being led into action and broke down the doors, Trump supporters were saying not to break or steal anything.

He further said that changing clothes is one of Antifa's tactics so they will not be tracked easily. He saw such action in Hong Kong wherein protesters were changing clothes under their umbrellas. During Capitol riots, he said that there were no umbrellas but he saw someone changing clothes under a flag. Also, the group usually wear the same shoes as identification for members belonging to the same Antifa cell. He said that Antifa learned this tactics from the protesters in Hong Kong.

But he stated that the Hong Kong protesters and Antifa are different from each other. The Hong Kong protesters have a logical reason for their protest which is to defend their freedom while the Antifa is just an extremist anarchist-communist group. Hong Kong protesters were not stealing or breaking people's properties unlike the Antifa who does otherwise, which he said are criminal elements.

In an interview with One America News Network, Yon also told this observations to Jack Posobiec saying that the Capitol riots was in fact incited by the Antifa and its APs.