Franklin Graham Calls Violent Capitol Protesters ‘Thugs’, Calls Impeachment ‘A Big Mistake’

Franklin Graham
Evangelist Franklin Graham is one of the clergy members to pray at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony. |

In an interview, Rev. Franklin Graham said he believes that the "thugs" who have breached the Capitol building last Jan. 6 should be prosecuted. He also expressed his disapproval of calls for President Donald Trump's impeachment, calling it "a big mistake" to do such.

In an interview with CBN News' Newswatch program, Rev. Graham responded to questions about the Christian symbols seen in the crowd of rioters who have forced their way into the Capitol. Symbols such as the Christian flag and a Jesus flag were seen in the Jan. 6 riot.

Without any hesitation, he spoke against those who have broken into the building--which is considered to be one of the most prominent symbols of continued American democracy. Rev. Graham also acknowledged the flags seen and he also recognized the right of each Christian American to protest. However, he believes it should've been done peacefully.

"Those are thugs. They should not have done that. They broke the law," he reasoned out.

Rev. Graham believed that the presence of security cameras could be used to accurately identify those who illegally entered the building. He sees that it is only right for them to be identified so that they could be placed into jail and be prosecuted because what happened and what they did was wrong, CBN reports.

Aside from calling the "thugs" out, Rev. Graham heavily disagreed with the movement to impeach President Trump. Not only is it a "waste of time," but he also predicted that it would only sharpen the political divisions--an impeachment would only put more fuel to the fire.

"On one hand, they talk about unity and bringing the country together but yet you've tried to impeach the president a second time," he told CBN. In December of 2019, the House of Representatives impeached President Trump on the basis of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress--the House is dominated by the Democrats. The Senate acquitted the President of these charges the following year.

"They're just putting fuel on the fire with this impeachment and it's going to make the people on the right even more, I think, frantic and I think this is a big mistake," Rev. Graham argued.

Multiple Faith leaders have condemned the people who illegally entered the Capitol, faith leaders such as Pastor Robert Jeffress, Rev. Sam Rodriguez, Dr. Russell Moore, Dr. Ed Stetzer, and worship leader Sean Feucht.

These Evangelical leaders were quick to call to end the rioting that had transpired last Jan. 6. President Trump had released a video on Twitter, before being banned from the social media website, telling the mob to leave the Capitol. "We have to have peace so go home. We love you--you're very special," he tweeted.

One protestor died after a police shot her in the Capitol during the chaos, while three others died from medical emergencies. Not everyone who attended the rally in Washington resorted to violence. There were a number of people who were engaged in a peaceful protest--some of them even prayed.