Rep. Banks At CPAC: Trump Taught Republicans To Be Party Of Working-Class American

Jim Banks

Indiana Representative Jim Banks emphasized that former President Donald Trump taught Republicans to be a party of the working class American and must not be removed from the GOP during his talk at the Conservative Political Action Conference last Saturday.

"Donald Trump taught us many things; more than anything else, he taught us to be the party of the working class since Reagan," Banks said before contrasting the GOP with the Democrats.

"The Democrat Party is the party of multinational corporations, big business, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the pro-China party," he added.

As per to Breitbart, Banks went on to highlight Trump's importance in the political party, especially in winning back Congress and the White House in the 2022 and 2024 elections, respectively.

"There are very few Republicans; the least popular are those that want to erase Donald Trump and Donald Trump supporters from our party," he declared. "Let me tell you, if that happens, we will not win back the majority in 2022; we definitely won't win back the White House in 2024 if you erase Donald Trump."

"Republicans can't erase Donald Trump or his supporters from the party if we want to win back the House in 2022. That's bad politics & bad policy," Banks reiterated in Twitter on Sunday.

Banks, who is currently the Republican Study Committee Chairman, stated this because the least popular Republicans have expressed their desire to remove Trump and his connection to the working class of the GOP.

During the conference, Banks identified House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy as the right conservative to lead Republicans in taking back the House in 2022 during his panel discussion with McCarthy and American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp during CPAC, Breitbart said.

"Kevin McCarthy is the right leader for the right time to win back the majority; he's going to be the best Speaker of the House in a generation," Banks stated.

The Washington Examiner added that Banks is currently helping Republican messaging in the House because Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is facing problems with her leadership as the official Republican messaging after voting to impeach Trump. Cheney is also No. 3 House Republican. Banks is helping circulate talking points on the excessive $1.9 trillion Democrat legislation for the "American Rescue Plan" relief.

Repeating what he said during the conference, Banks posted a photoquote in Twitter last Sunday.

"We hear a lot about identity politics," he stressed, "Well, if you identify as an American, you are welcome in the Republican Party."

According to the White House Archives, the Trump Administration's top accomplishment included an unprecedented economic boom prior to the pandemic.

This meant "7 million new jobs that's more than three times government experts' projections" involving "middle class family income increased nearly $6000," an "unemployment rate of 3.5% which is lowest in a half-century" for America, "delivered a future of greater promise and opportunity for citizens of all background" that included women and African Americans, among others.This also involved securing "historic trade deals to defend American workers,""historic support for American farmers," and "investing in America's workers and families."