‘We Just Came To Share The Love Of God': Pastor Explains Mid-Flight Worship To Critics


Pastor Jack Jensz Jr. shared the real story behind his viral video with his ministry team worshiping aboard an airplane in mid-flight which garnered over 35 million views online and comment threads from prominent politicians.

The video clip of people from Kingdom Realm Ministries and other churches singing "How Great Is Our God" in the aisles of a commercial flight out of Poland went viral after Muslim U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar posted it on her Twitter page Saturday. She wrote in the caption, "I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane."

Some Republican politicians slammed her comments, including Vernon Jones, a candidate in Georgia for the U.S. House of Representatives, who indicated that Omar's comments were hateful toward Christians. He said, "Why do you hate Christians, Ilhan? If the freedom of religion we enjoy here in America disturbs you, feel free to pack your bags and head back to Somalia, Sudan, or wherever you're from. Take your brother with you."

In an interview with The Christian Post, Jensz said "the impromptu worship moment was not a part of a political agenda at all." He has no intention of stirring anything. "It was just a post to share with our friends and encourage our friends that have been following our journey," he said.

"When she posted that, I just looked at it and I didn't give it too much thought. I didn't enter into any political debate," he continued. "For us, we just came to share the love of God, we came just to reveal to people that Jesus loves them so much, and that's our focus. Our focus wasn't a political agenda at all."

Jensz said he and his team were "spiritually high" after seeing God's actions while serving at the Ukrainian border. On their return to the United States from Ukraine, worshiping was their way of keeping their hopes going.

"We were with our team. We're flying away from Ukraine to another place to have a meeting. We had 10 members of our team on the plane, and we've been worshiping and praying for people all over the place," he explained. Their team decided to bless also the passengers with a song to "bring hope and joy" for many people were in such "devastating place in pain and suffering."

He said that they were permitted by the air host to sing worship music in their attempt to keep people's morale while on the flight. The video wouldn't be done if they weren't approved of doing so because his team "believes in honor and in respecting authority."

After learning their plan and getting permission, the air host said in excitement "Hey, passengers, we have guests from all around the world who have been serving in Ukraine and helping the beautiful Ukrainian refugees, and they want to sing one song, just to bring joy and hope to you in this time."

"As we sang it, we saw people smiling, some people even crying, they were touched. We had people filming on their phones. It was a real joyful moment on the plane," Jensz narrated. They said to the people, "Hey, this might be the most interesting plane flight that you've ever been on in your life. But we're here to bring joy and happiness and just to tell you, God loves you and He's with you."

"No one said anything negative, no one stood up [against it], everyone was there enjoying," he shared. "It was just a beautiful time, and it seemed like everyone was truly blessed."