In the midst of a still undetermined outcome of the US Election, a rabbi is standing by his prediction that incumbent Pres. Donald Trump will have four more years so he can fulfill the mission that God has given him.

Rabbi Isser Zalman Weisberg posted a video on his YouTube channel explaining why he believes Trump will be declared winner in the election, Israel365 News reports. The rabbi commented the media does not have the authority to declare the outcome of the election, which is determined by the Electoral College and certified by Congress and the National Archives.

The process involves Electoral College representatives meeting on December 14, which incidentally falls "in the middle of Hannukah, a miraculous time for the Jews," Weisberg said. He added, "There are many times in our history when it looked like the end was near and then suddenly yeshuat hasehm k'heref ayin (the salvation of God is like the blink of an eye)."

Citing a recent tweet from Joe Biden, Weisberg said he doesn't believe Biden would be able to keep the faith that the American voters had placed in him, as the convictions of who voted for him and those who voted for Trump are contradictory.

He explained that Americans who voted for Trump knew that the incumbent president's firm support for Israel goes beyond politics. They also understood that a vote for Trump was a vote of support for Israel. He also mentioned the president's fight against abortion and Biden's pro-choice stance.

"How can you fight to protect the lives of unborn children and at the same time fight for the right of women to choose to kill them?" Weisberg said.

The rabbi recounted how he previously predicted that Trump would be given four more years as US president so that he could "complete the mission given him by God" and related it with the final vision described in the book of Daniel.

Weisberg is a rabbi at Machon Mishne Torah belonging to Chabad, which is one of the biggest Hasidic groups in Judaism.

On Saturday, the Associated Press named Joe Biden as the winner of the election. Trump immediately countered this claim by issuing a statement saying Biden "has not been certified as the winner of any states." His campaign has raised a legal challenge "to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated."

After the announcement made by the Associated Press, other media outlets followed suit in declaring him as the president-elect. A number of world leaders have also congratulated Biden.

Israel was initially silent on the issue, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eventually congratulated Biden, adding that he looked forward to a stronger relationship between U.S. and Israel in the years to come.

However, it was worth noting that Netanyahu did not specify what the congratulatory statement was for. He also did not refer to Biden as president-elect.