Tired of Facebook and Twitter's post censorship, a huge number of pro-life advocates are now moving to the new social media platform that promises freedom of speech, Parler.

On Tuesday, Parler, which prioritizes free speech as part of its mission, announced that it gained 4.5 million new users since last week.

"People from all walks of life, fed up with opaque, biased content curation, inconsistent agenda-driven fact-checking, and manipulative algorithms built on data mining, are joining Parler to speak free," CEO John Matze said in a statement.

The social media platform saw an eight-fold increase in average daily activity in comparison to last week, Matze said. He added that session activity also increased by more than 20 times during the same period.

Parler is currently the top app being downloaded from the App Store, Newsbusters reported. Some prominent media personalities, like Fox business anchor Maria Bartiromo, use it as their primary social media app instead of Twitter of Facebook.

Bartiromo, for one, said that while she will still use Twitter to promote her shows and her guests, she won't be using it for her "scoops" anymore.

"But it is Parler where you will find real stories and the things I'm working on and my opinions on things," Bartiromo added.

Controversy on Facebook and Twitter's Censorship

Pro-life news outlet LifeNews.com reported that it saw "a large increase" in its followers in Parler. This happened in fall, at about the same time the reports of Facebook and Twitter's censorship increased. It's worth noting that while its posts were not censored or hindered on Parler, LifeNews' Facebook posts were largely inundated with biased "fact checks."

Pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, in October, also said that the two of its ads exposing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as supporters for late-term abortion in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, both key battleground states, were banned by Facebook. These ads were banned based on a factually incorrect third-party "fact check" by The Dispatch.

This factcheck was disproven because it falsely claimed that Biden and Harris do not support abortions, up to birth, that are paid for with taxpayer money, LifeNews pointed out. The two Democrats actually support abortion, with Biden advocating for taxpayer-paid funding. Interestingly, the factcheck is no longer available to the public.

The Media Research Center also found out that since 2018, Twitter has censored US President Donald Trump and his campaign 111 times. On the other hand, it didn't censor pro-abortion candidate Biden at all.

Twitter also censored a pro-life group's ads calling to defund Planned Parenthood. It also suspended an account that tweeted against abortion. This account belonged to a woman with Down syndrome.

Facebook also censored a pro-life organization in Illinois that tried to raise funds to help pregnant women and babies. It also censored a pro-life marketing agency, an interview with a woman who survived an abortion, and more.

This censorship, Matze said, is the reason why many Facebook and Twitter users are making the jump over to Parler.

By suppressing the release of important election information, Facebook and Twitter actually caused people to lose their trust in their long-running social media platforms, he said.

"Together we will continue to stand up to cancel culture, defy authoritarian content curation, and reclaim the Internet as a free and open town square. Let's continue to Parley-to decide what to read, write, and think for ourselves," Matze said.