To help combat military families' struggle over loneliness, discouragement and isolation, American Bible Society launched a program that would help bring hope to them in the holidays.

As reported by The Christian Post, military families struggle with loneliness and isolation due to being apart this year.

Lisa, a homeschooling mother of four and a chaplain's wife told the Christian Post that "military life is hard" and that people like them "often feel very alone."

"Our friends are constantly moving, we're constantly moving, and then not having the stability of family brings it to another level. We're already separated from family, but with the pandemic, we're even more separated. We don't know when we can travel because things are constantly changing."

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, holiday travel for military families is uncertain. Even traveling to see someone's extended family is not an option with the current situation brought about by the pandemic.

Lisa is one of the military wives who knows how hard this kind of life can be. To help others, she works with other military wives at McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma, Washington by helping them build their spiritual lives, establish connections and create a community.

"It's so important for us who are believers to help build community in this military world, and to connect women, children and families so that they have at least each other because we don't have our typical families around," Lisa said.

In an interview, she told CP that the biggest issue that military spouses face is isolation - especially for those families who have to move every two to three years.

Lisa continues, "It's a hard lifestyle, where soldiers are often gone and moms and children are left to continue on life without them."

Children are even more affected with the pandemic only amplifying their feelings of being alone and isolated.

"Our military children are facing the double shutdown of not having their family around, but many of our schools are also still closed or virtual," she said.

"Children are feeling very isolated."

In order to face such a problem of loneliness and isolation among military families and their children, the Armed Services Ministry of the American Bible Society launched a new program called "Hero Squad."

With the program, military children will be given a welcome box plus four annual gift packages that include a Bible that is age-appropriate for children, Bible-based mental health resources, military-specific devotionals, family activities and more.

The program aims to honor members of the military and also provide spiritual support to their children and family during the holidays.

Lisa shares her excitement on how the mentioned resources would significantly help struggling children, especially this holiday seasons.

"We're so excited for these resources that we can share through the Hero Squad with our neighbors and with our friends. We try to encourage people who are struggling and lonely to find their place in their love through God. He's the one that's going stay with us and sustain us, and never leave us."

The Hero Squad gift boxes will be sent to military families every three months and is free of charge. The gift boxes are also categories by children's age group: Eagle Squad for 3-7-year-old kids, Junior Varsity for 8-12-year old kids and Varsity for teens aged 13 and above.