After what was supposed to be a peaceful protest coming from the supporters of President Trump and his administration, wherein the riots were started allegedly by the leftists who infiltrated the Trump supporters, the personal Twitter account of the President was suspended. Alongside the suspension were the suspension of other accounts who were in favor of the President.

One America News Network got an exclusive interview with President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who talks about the massive disrespect the Big Tech company, Twitter, has for free speech--he slams the social media company for suspending the President's account. "It certainly shows no respect for the right of free speech," he claims.

Twitter, undeniably, is a privately owned company with its own sets of rules and guidelines that informs its users on how to properly use it. However, Giuliani believes that there are biases when it comes to the President and his supporters--citing there is a double standard from the tech company when it comes to them.

"They have not even banned the Black Lives Matter movement which causes the killings of police officers," he argues.

Apparently, Twitter marked the President's tweets as capable of "incitement to violence," hence his account was suspended. However, the President's tweet was actually a call for a peaceful protest and he prioritized their wellbeing first--which every person has the right to.

Guiliani is also questioning the way the company works since it allegedly has a "one-sided democracy." He calls them out for covering up for the scandals involving Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. He also mentions how not only does the company prevent people who they disagree with and yet, at the same time suppressing timely and relevant information on the scandals of the people that they agree with--making them operate in fascist manner, in which ironically, are working in a country that is fueled by democracy.

The Congress did not repeal Section 230 because they wanted to enable this bias as what Giuliani alleged. He notes that "Democrats control the house and Twitter was part of the conspiracy that creates censorship of the Biden hard drive which proves, in their own words, that Biden has been a criminal for 30 years."

Key members of those who are fighting for the President have also been banned on different social media platforms. Sidney Powell, who is known for her efforts at revealing the cheating done in the U.S. Presidential election was banned from Twitter as well.

Even former members of a Liberal movement who chose to speak up about why they left the Democrat party were silenced on Facebook. The movement "#WalkAway", which reached over 500,000 engagements, was stopped and the tech company has no explanation whatsoever on why it was marked as violating its terms of use.

Regardless of the ban, Guiliani urged President Trump to continue using his voice for the American people who are fighting for the truth and democracy. Likewise, the supporters of the President should not falter especially during these trying times.