The Christian movement called PULSE said that more than 100,000 people surrendered their lives to Christ amid the pandemic.

Nick Hall, an evangelist and founder of PULSE, the millennial-led evangelism movement, said that there are about 100,000 people that surrendered their lives to Christ in 2020 amid the pandemic. He said that the rise is because of the continuous increase in hunger for Christ around the world manifesting through multiple outlets.

In an interview with the Prayer Link via CBS News, Hall highlighted that the figures involved young people. He explained that due to the current political atmosphere, the youth of today tend to draw closer to God, Christian Headlines reported.

He explained how the figure dramatically increased in spite of the COVID-19 lockdown. Hall added that through multiple outlets such as social media and mainstream media, more people expressed their hunger to know Christ more.

"These are digital events, outreach events, Zoom all over the world and through television. I just think there's never been a hunger like this," the PULSE founder explained.

He elaborated that they had over 150 million people hear the Gospel from March to May in 2020 alone. Through their various digital events over 100,000 people went forward to respond to Jesus in public.

The evangelist added that what he witnessed among the young people reaching out to one another through various platforms is proof that this generation really desires to come together around the need to share Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

"There's all sorts of opinions about all sorts of things, all sorts of ideas and yet there is one thing that changes everything, and so I am seeing people praying, fasting, and really believing that, man, no matter what happens, we know that God is in control and we need to trust Him now more than ever," Hall explained.

As he shares his excitement on the increase of people reaching out to God during these trying times, he reminded Christians of the power that the church has when the body is united. According to him, believers can "unite to lift up a voice for justice and for the hurting and vulnerable."

Hall later warned Christians to be watchful of their focus and be on guard of their passion as the world faces various alarming issues. He reminded the believers not to let the current issues such as politics and elections divert or overshadow their passion for Jesus.

The evangelist called out on churches to allow their voices to be heard on the current issues. He urged them to speak out about the issues of racial discrimination and injustice.

He said that the body of Christ cannot afford to be silent now in addressing the current issues. "This is the time for the light of Christ to rise up," The PULSE founder said.

Hall ended his statement by saying that he is praying for a revival in 2021. He prays for the church to repent and get back to God so that the Lord could set everyone on fire and burn for the scripture.

"I believe that now is the time for the world to see a clear declaration of the Gospel and that Jesus is the one they're looking for," he said, according to CH.