On Thursday, President Joe Biden signed the memorandum promoting abortion, rescinding Trump's pro-life Mexico City Policy.

Christian Headlines reported that Biden has overturned the past administration's pro-life policy which would allow taxpayers' dollars to be used to fund abortions.

Since its conception in 1984, the Mexico City Policy has banned organizations, foreign or otherwise, that counsel or promote abortion to get federal funding. Every Republican administration has supported the pro-life policy including Trump who renewed the policy in 2017 until the end of his term in 2020.

Now, a few days in his office as president, Joe Biden already signed the memorandum to reverse the former administration's pro-life policy to reflect the current administration's goal of supporting the "reproductive health" and "sexual rights" of women not only in the United States but all across the globe.

Under the memorandum, Biden has directed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to "consider whether to rescind regulations under its Title X family planning program" which prohibits funding to clinics that refer for, promote, support or perform abortion as a family planning method.

Not much of the memorandum has been elaborated during its signing. On the other hand, Biden says that the new memo "protects women's health at home and abroad." Unfortunately, this would also mean that the government will once again fund millions of abortion in the US which accounted to the leading cause of death among unborn babies in the United States every year.

With Biden's latest move, foreign organization can now use taxpayers' money to promote, market and perform abortions.

A pro-life pastor, Robert Jeffress, from First Baptist Church of Dallas criticized the newly elected Democrat president for rescinding the Mexico City Policy and openly promoting abortion saying that the US governor is now a primary investor on something that promotes death.

"President Biden has chosen to make our government the primary investor in an international franchise that exports death, as well. All in the righteous-sounding name of 'global aid.' May God have mercy on our country," Jeffress said.

He then added, "It is bad enough that these abortion factories perform their deadly work here on our shores."

Another implication of Biden's overturning Trump's Mexico City Policy is the promotion of abortion.

Despite the newly signed memorandum, the Helms Amendment of 1973 still prohibits the direct funding of abortion, especially in foreign organizations. However, an analysis by the pro-life group Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) says that having the policy in place strengthens the restrictions on promoting or even marketing about abortion.

Without the policy, abortion organizations are more likely to operate in foreign countries especially with the additional funding that they will receive from the government.

Under the Trump administration, Planned Parenthood dropped out of the Title X program after losing funding with an estimated budget of $60 million annually.

There is still some good news for pro-life groups and those who support and value the sanctity of life since the state of Texas has already cut funding to Planned Parenthood facilities today after winning a five-year long suit against the abortion organization for its unlawful conduct and inhuman extraction of fetal tissues to further their own research.